WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

And boy do I have a lot of WIPs. The current count is 4? Well, plus the two that are hibernating, but we don’t discuss those, no we don’t.

The current WIPs are:

  • Milkweed Capelet: Still at the halfway mark. Still need to wind that 3rd skein!
  • Baby Girl Elmer Sweater: Just ready to add the sleeves to the body and continue on.
  • Wingspan the Deuce: On the last 11 grams of yarn! The last wedge to be knit.
  • Watchman’s Cap the Trey: Making this for the cousin, father and husband to all the Brambles recipients. His will be just like the Son-in-law’s cap. I should probably make a Mini Brambles for the grand-daughter. LOL!
Baby E G 1
Baby Elmer Twin Girl Sweater

This past weekend we made a quick trip up to Indy. Elder had a job shadow assignment and was able to do it with a Sports Medicine facility. She is hoping to become a Sports Medicine MD in the future. She had a blast and I think it solidified her desire to go into the field of medicine. So proud of her. She also was asked to be on the Math Team of the Academic Bowl at her school, and the Captain and member of the Interdisciplinary Team also. She was on the Math Team at her middle school and did the Spell Bowl in grade school.

Younger got great news too. She is going to work at a not-so-local theme park this summer. Holiday World is a great place to visit. We love it. She may hate it after a summer of working there, but for now, she is excited! Mom is less so, worried about her traveling by bus to the park. I may have to get a season pass and go over there all summer. LOL! Now to get Elder a job somewhere. She works at the golf shop here at home, but needs more hours to save for college. Another “not exciting for mom” item in our future!! I wish I could hold on to their younger years!!!

I should maybe get going on a blanket for Elder to take with her. Hmm, that might be a summer project. ETA: OK, you guys have convinced me. Now, to wait until April to see if I am making it Navy and Gold or  Crimson and Gray. But for now, go check out the projects others are working on. Tami’s got all the links.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. You do have a lot going! Your Wingspan is beautiful! Isn’t it the most addictive pattern to knit. I’m feeling the urge to cast on another but I won’t, maybe.

  2. I’m completely smitten with the baby Elmer cardigan! Those stripes are the best! I love your idea to knit your daughter a blanket to take to college with her. My mom crocheted me an afghan for my dorm, and I still use it. 😀

  3. The wingspan is stunning. My son is starting the college search part now too (still a junior). I’ve been doing hexipuffs in more manly colors thinking that it will go with him!

  4. OH, I love the new look of your blog! 🙂

    Sounds like your girls are growing up so fast. Such exciting time for them and you as well. Did either of them get the knitting /crochet bug?

    I love your Wing span. What yarns did you use?

    Wishing you a lovely day. 🙂

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