Dashboard Confessional

This might become a weekly thing, just not sure it will be on the same day if I do it consistently.

So, confession time? Not much to confess to. The only thing purchased this week that was knit related was a card of buttons. And those were needed to go along with one of the baby sweaters. I had buttons on hand for the baby girl, but nothing to use for the twin brother’s. I found some buttons I think will be perfect, so we are going with it. I only bought a card of 3, thinking I might just have it lay open at the bottom, will see how it goes with the sister sweater. It might be to girlish to only button it at the neckline.

Last week I made a goal of finishing out February with these items below. I have indicated which ones have already been cleaned off the list.

  • 2 baby sweaters, 1st one is halfway done
  • Finish Milkweed Capelet, also halfway done
  • Make one pair of clogs, I can knock a small medium ladies size out in 2 days
  • Make 1 watch cap, another easy knit
  • Finish Wingspan, 100% done

My yardage records so far this month:

  • Yarn added: 3213 yards and 20 skeins
  • Yarn knit: 1646 yards and 10 skeins
  • YTD yarn added: 3823 yards and 25 skeins
  • YTD yarn knit: 3324 yards and 21 skeins

Just 500 yards and 4 skeins to go to get back to the “using more than I have bought so far this year” mark.

This week, the last 4 days of February, will be focused on the girl’s baby sweater. Since it is close to done, why not just knock it out. Then my March goals will look like this:

  • Baby boy sweater
  • Finish Milkweed Capelet, seriously! Before it’s too warm to wear Alpaca!
  • Knit “That Other Hat” for my niece, for her February 25th birthday. Oops! In my defense, I just found out about her request on Feb 23rd. And I have no gray yarn to use. Oops! There goes the no buying more goal.
  • Pick up Cladeio, a shawl I am making that mashes up Cladonia and Kleio. I am stuck on the last border and it has now lost my interest. But I have put off doing anything with it. So, it’s time. Frog it!
  • Knit my clogs from the leftovers of the Kureyon/Northampton
  • Start this shrug using the Newton’s St Andre yarn I have had since Stitches Midwest 2001(?)

That will keep me busy for a bit. Hopefully my right index finger will stop hurting and I can get lots of knitting done. The top knuckle has been developing an arthritis knot. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but the more knitting and computer time I spend using it, the more it acts up. And now that I have an iPhone, it gets even more use. Must learn to use another finger to tap that screen. LOL.


One thought on “Dashboard Confessional

  1. Lofty golas to be sure! Can’t wait to see finished projects. Sit with a hot water bottle or a heating pad wrapped around your hands. I have the same thing and my two index finger knuckles, at the base of my hand have enlarged and ache, especially when it’s cold. My arthritis doc told me to keep the joins moving or they’ll freeze up so, hence why I knit. Try slowing down while you are knitting that may help too. I eat ibuphrophin like crazy too. Hope you feel better soon.

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