Month End

Here we are at the end of the 2nd month of 2013. This month found me busting the destash goals. Big time! At the end of February I have 73, 657 yards of yarn in 409 skeins.

  • 3213 yards, 20 skeins were added this month. Yikes!
  • 1744 yards, 11 skeins were knit up this month.
  • Difference? I don’t want to own up. LOL

The YTD totals aren’t as bad.

  • 3823 yards, 25 skeins have been added since Jan 1.
  • 3422 yards, 22 skeins have been knit up.
  • Much closer, but still not so the good.

For February I am out $126.93 on craft spending. YTD is only $160.82, so I sucked royally in February. And it’s the shortest month! What’s up with that?

To reflect on what was made I present my collage. Oops, forgot to title Wingspan, but really, don’t you recognize it by now?

February Collage

So, what’s on tap for March?

  • Baby Boy Sweater to match Baby Elmer (reveal of that FO on Friday)
  • Finish Milkweed PLEASE!
  • Rip out or redo the shawl in progress
  • Cast on for Speckled Shrug
  • Knit my niece That Other Hat
  • Knit my clogs
  • Baby hat for charity

OK, Friday was a bust for knitting, Saturday was busy with teaching a sweater class and carting Diva to the mall so she could shop. I was itching to knit by Saturday night. Progress on Baby Boy sweater was made. This time I got smart and started the sleeves first. LOL! Hopefully this will go quickly since I have already done one. But then again, who knows! I also bought yarn while at Modern Ewe, yarn for a hat to knit for charity and to knit a hat for my niece. I started the charity hat while at the Mall with Diva. Can you say boring? Today will hopefully see more knitting on the sweater, or maybe I will attack Milkweed for a few rows. Just so I don’t completely forget what I am doing on it! Now to put that plan into action!


2 thoughts on “Month End

  1. Your powers of organization continue to amaze me. Wow, you got a lot done in February. I’d give yourself a break on the shopping side.

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