WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday, but really FO Friday

Or should it be, Windy Wednesday. We are having some blustery days here. With Rain, Snow, Wind, you name it. Brrrr. Winter’s last hurrah? Most everyone here hopes so. I can take it or leave it. But then, most days I don’t have to get out in it. Yeah me!

OK, for those who do, hats are the necessity. Working on a hat for my niece to keep her head warm. Love the Portland Tweed I got at Modern Ewe to knit this with. I would love for someone to make a creamy wool with flecks of orange and brown in it. I can just see a sweater knit with this yarn! There was even a shot of knitting with this kind of yarn on a knitting book ages ago.

The Other Hat 1

And to help keep little heads warm I knit two hats for charity. The shop I teach at has a drive going to collect hats for one of the local hospitals. They hand out red hats in February to new babies to bring awareness to heart healthy living. Helping them to build their stock for next year. I used some luscious Berroco Pure Merino, ummmm, for a girl and boy version.

Girl Red 

This was made using the Baby Rollin’ pattern. I  greatly modified it, but the basics were there. It used 50 yards of the Pure Merino on a size US 9 needle. 

Boy Red
This pattern used the same cast on, but instead of making it beretish, i just knit straight until almost out of yarn and then did 4 rows of k2tog decreases until I was down to 4 sts. Then finished it off. Wish I had left enough to make a top knot, but it’s not a game changer. I actually would have had enough, but the long tail I did on the beret left me with a long tail to snip. I need to get better at judging what it takes. And, sorry to say, this skein had 2 knots in it! One at the begin and one at the end. So, there was more snipped off I could have used. Oh well, it has not been my month for knotted yarn. I am almost afraid to even crack open a skein. And all have been recent purchases, so it even makes me shy away from buying more! Wait, did I really just say that?

So, off you go to see who’s WIPping today. Tami is sure to have the scoop.


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