Thoughts to ponder

Facebook is famous for people posting neat videos, photos, and quotes. I often fall victim to time-suck chasing these items. One such time-suck Youtube channel is Bored Shorts. Go ahead, go get sucked in, I’ll wait. The video I linked to is one of my favorites!! “I’m in a yot of trouble”.

OK, that’s not really the focus of this post. The other day a friend posted a link to a video. The original post advises you to watch to the last second. So, I clicked the link and watched a delightful lady of advanced years, trying to be kind here, respond to the music playing on a car radio. She was dancing to “Run Around Sue”. It was so cute. I kept waiting for what was so special about it. Wasn’t sure what it would be, what could be sweeter than her abandon? And then it came. This delightful dancing grannie was speaking to the person waiting in the car. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying until she dropped the F-bomb. Now, I love the person who posted the video. She is a wonderful person. She said in her post she wanted to be just like this sassy lady. And that made me sad. I can’t say if it was the abandoned dancing or the cuss words she wanted to emulate.

This got me to thinking, how the internet shows us the wonderful (Bored Shorts) and the dregs, too numerous to mention. And too much of our society prefers the dregs. The praise and sharing of these dregs does not show well on us.

So, what is it about us that has changed us so? Or, were we always like this. I don’t think so. Growing up I can never remember a time when a cussing grandma was admired. Well, I can’t remember a cussing grandma because I never had one. I barely remember hearing my parents say cuss words. Now, I am not a prude. Too many cuss words have passed my lips. But I try to not use language that isn’t necessary. I prefer my colorful language be in the form of vibrant descriptions of events, people, or things. Not words that would make a Puritan turn red.

The lack of respect and kindness in the world is very troubling. And we all have ideas about where the problems started. My belief is the 60’s with the sexual revolution and the hippie movement. I dodged the Baby Boomer era by some data, but some consider me to be on the trailing edge of it. I was born after the Boom, but before the Gen Xers. I identify with neither. It also speaks to my upbringing in a small midwest city, not to be confused with a small town. We were taught manners and respect. And I think I became even more mindful of those values after I had kids. I wanted them to be well behaved and courteous too. But I see too much lack in those around me and those of my daughters’ acquaintance. It’s sad.

In reading around twitter and FB today I came  across two stories. Each one has made me even more despairing. More so, because I have two daughters who will be coming of age in this world. I don’t know all the things that are said in the halls of high school these days, but I can believe it’s nothing short of a smut movie. And there is no way to stop it. Until parents teach their boys to respect girls, and really, vice versa, what can be done? So, I am in a low place today, wondering if either daughter will be able to find a nice young man who hasn’t grown up thinking treating women this way is acceptable. You can bet I will be vetting them very closely. So far the young men they have brought around have all been kind and courteous, and adamant about their role in paying for the date, even when the daughter’s asked the boys to the Christmas Dance. Again, maybe that’s part of the manners taught in this same small city. I only hope there are more small cities and towns teaching their youth the same things.

To console myself I have been knitting. Almost done with the baby twin boy sweater to match the sister’s. His is two shades of olive, as in this sweater. Fingers crossed I don’t run out of the darker shade as I did with the other sweater. And then, on to that Capelet. I am running out of cold weather to wear it in!


6 thoughts on “Thoughts to ponder

  1. Yes. I agree with what you said. There are people who value politeness and appropriate behavior. They just don’t stand out the way the shock value people do.

  2. The loud and outrageous get most of the attention, but there are a lot of thoughtful, courageous young people out there. Still, I’m glad to be the grandma these days instead of the parent.

  3. I grew up in the burb’s of a small city in N. FL and people were from all over the place, but they were not like they are today. Use to be that people were respectful of others, not selfish as they are now. I do believe it has everything to do with how a person is raised.

    I will join with you in prayer that your daughters will find friends and boyfriends who will always respect them and treat them as ladies.

    I do know for a fact that if you do not allow a man/boy to treat you otherwise, then you will be treated that way. I think sometimes women accept behavior that is wrong from men/boys because they feel they can “change” or “love” it out of them. Which of course, never works.

    You’ve got two awesome daughters (I know this because you are awesome) and they will be fine. You have taught them wrong from right and when the time comes, they will have knowledge to fall back on and won’t become like some women and fall for what is not right.

    Blessings always friend.

  4. Interesting thoughts! I totally agree, it is a scary world we live in today. My babes are still very little, but I hope that I can raise them well, and have good outside influences on their lives. I think the sense of community and family is gone a lot of the time now. Families split up and kids live far from their parents who live far from their parents (not all, but a lot!), so that natural born tribe isn’t there. And then you need to find a new tribe. This is my experience anyways! Praying for you and your girls!

  5. Loved your thoughts here and I totally agree! I am 53 and have a 21 year old daughter. I have been training my replacement. We have taught her to respect her elders, be kind to all, but do not get trampled upon. I believe it all comes down to morals and manners. Simple as that. Manners covers more than just please and thank you.

  6. Thank you all for the comments. You have added to or affirmed the ponderings of my feeble mind. Sometimes I just need to spit it out! Hope that doesn’t turn those away who don’t think the same way, and I welcome any discussion to the contrary.

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