Twin FO Friday

This week has been productive. I showed you the striped cardigan last week for an April baby. This week saw the knitting of the twin bro cardi. Having written little to nothing down about the previous cardigan, I relied heavily on the girl’s to knit the boy’s. I think I did a fairly close duplication. Only a few areas ended up being a stitch or two off.

So, here we go:

Baby Twins 1

Girl buttons      Boys Buttons

I decided to use mismatched buttons, mostly because I could not find three buttons to use on the boy’s sweater. That color is hard to match! It actually is not as green as the top photo or as yellow as the others. Does it really matter if they match, after all, they are baby sweaters that won’t be worn for long, might as well make it kitsch.

Unblocked boys

From this photo you can see that the boy’s sweater is a smidge smaller. It has not been blocked yet. I do expect it to be just a bit bigger once I block it.

In all, I am not over the moon with these sweaters. The button bands don’t thrill me. They are too much. But I used the ratio I always use with button bands. So why are they splaying! Again, they are just baby sweaters, I am not going to obsess about it. But I even used a smaller needle when doing the boy’s version to try to counteract for it. It still splays! OK, I am over it.

In last week’s post I think I mentioned I was not going to do hats. I have very little yarn left, in fact both dark shades are gone. To make hats would mean buying 4 more skeins of yarn. And then I would have leftovers that would bug me! So, of course, my best bud at knitting decided I needed to do hats. And she kept mentioning that I need to do hats. I am not so convinced. I think I need to get these out of my house before I cave and do hats!!

Now, head out to all the link parties and see what’s going on in the fiber world today. Tami and Andrea are our weekly hostesses. Give them some love!


10 thoughts on “Twin FO Friday

  1. You don’t need to do hats. After all those are “summer” sweaters (based on age of babies) and most babies I know don’t wear hats in the summer. Get those sweaters out of your house.

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