Worrisome WIPs

I have three to show you this week. Why worrisome? Because each are giving me a challenge.


First up: On the lower left hand corner is a pair of felted clogs for me! I am using the left over Kureyon and Northampton to make my pair. So, the worry is, the leftover Kureyon doesn’t have an equal striping sequence. I was able to get them to start at the same point, but the other ball will run out of color before the clog above did. I have more yarn, just nothing to duplicate the last bit of color in the above clog. So I will just fudge along. After all, these are for me to wear around the house. Who will ever see them? 2nd sole of the first foot is on needles. If I knuckle down I might be able to wear these before warm weather hits?

Dilemma #2. The next piece is my capelet. So close to finishing! And I really want to wear this at least once before winter is over. So, what’s the worry? More like, what’s the mistake. Two! And they were made in the same row, one on front, one on back. Argh!

managled cable 1

Top cable is not twisted correctly. It’s supposed to twist right, but there is supposed to be 3 twists, not 2 and something oddly non cable like. And I would have too much effort, of cabled and twisted rows, to undo this! My path is to determine which one sucks the least of these two and use that as my front. It’s unlikely anyone would notice, but I know they are there! This was done when I picked it back up after a long absence from the chart. Stupid mistake!

mangled cable 2

This one is less noticeable, so I think this will be the front.

Now, the last item in the top photo? Looks perfectly mindless and how could I mess it up? Well, I knit on it while in a dark auditorium, so there is a dropped stitch at the beginning in the ribbing. I have it held with a stitch marker and will sew it up in the arm seam when I put the shrug together. So, really, no biggie. What’s the worry? yardage! Will I have enough? The yarn was terribly mis-labeled so I have no clue how much I really have and how many yards per lb this really is. The first 180 grams yielded 18″ of knitting. So I am pretty much getting an 1″ per 10 grams. I estimate I have 435ish total grams. So, I just might get close to the 44″ of fabric I need. Still need to figure out how far to knit before I start the ribbing at the other end. I guess I will just count the inches and times by 10 grams? Sounds like a plan.

Hoping one of these items will be done by Friday. Not that I need them done, I still have an FO to share. More so for the chance to wear one! And each of them are for me!!!! All mine! Finally for me!!!! Out of 17 items finished this year, only two were for me. I need to play catch up!

Time to see if others are worrying over their WIPs this week. Tami can lead you to the answers.


5 thoughts on “Worrisome WIPs

  1. Sorry to hear of the issues. No one is going to see that tiny mistake. Forget about it! As for the clogs, go with it. Have fraternal twins isn’t a bad thing:) Fingers and toes crossed that you don’t run out of yarn:)

  2. I wear slippers all year round. I swear my feet are always cold. 😀 I hope the capelet starts behaving itself so that you can finish it. Doesn’t it know how beautiful it’s going to be?!?

  3. I think you should finish your capelet, wear it and play “find the mistake’ with your friends. Hours of entertainment from one tiny mistake!! 🙂

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