Sunny and warm!

pool deck
Loving it!

Something I definitely couldn’t say if I was at home with the dogs. Poor sitter is dealing with my snowy, wet dogs while I enjoy warm and sunny weather. I guess I should feel bad? And I do, because I miss my pups. But it is so nice here, I can’t feel too bad.

Diantha 10 rows in

Last night I cast on 409 sts to begin my Diantha. All while watching Florida Gulf Coast University play their special brand of basketball. They are a delight to watch. And if you envy me here in Central Florida, you should go to their website and view their campus!

Diantha is proving to be elusive. I cannot find my rhythm with this knit. Usually lace just seems to flow for me and have a pattern. Diantha has a pattern, but it just isn’t telling me what it is. Usually I can give up following the pattern chart-wise, or at least after the first repeats in the row. But not this one. Even with stitch markers to denote the repeat, something I have NEVER done before, I still cannot get the flow. But I will press on, because with each row I decrease away the sts and before I know it, I will be into short row territory.


I finally had to switch to the shrug and just do a bit of St st to relieve my brain. It was ready to overload! The shrug yarn is so soft, it is just a pleasure to knit such boring St st. I love the Forbidden Woolery for Diantha, but it is a little splitty and not as soft. I am sure there is Mohair in the shrug yarn. I will be a sofrug, soft + shrug. Clever I am not.

OK, back to the wonder of the beach. Off to sit on the balcony until time to make dinner. My Nook will keep me company and life will be good. Except for the headache, but I will persevere! LOL.


4 thoughts on “Sunny and warm!

  1. I’m sorry you can’t find the rhythm of Diantha. The shrug looks great!
    But of course I’m staring at that view. I wish I could feel the warmth of the sun. We had another dusting of snow overnight…

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