Last day

And what a fun one so far. Here’s the view this morning.


Yep, not much different than the others! It will be hard to leave this tomorrow. But great to get back to our home and our pups. Well, MY pups. At least the sitter has been texting some photos of them. But they look like they are having too much fun without me! We definitely need to get a place that allows for our big boys. This condo only allows 20 lbs and under. And it might be only 20 lbs per unit. Stupid rule!

So, this morning was for Ziplining. We took the girls to a local park which has a Zipline challenge. They climbed and zipped through 20 stations and had a blast. Here’s the crew before they started zipping.

College Bound Girl on the left, Silly Friend Girl in the middle, and Diva Girl on the right.

They started out timid, and then came on strong. By the end they were pros. I dearly wanted to do it, but fear of heights (I can barely climb a ladder) kept me ground bound. Maybe next time. I was also in charge of 3 iPhones for video and pictures. Yes, there were a few videos of my pocket on their phones. I think Diva Girl’s had the most of them. LOL

Diva climbing around poles.
College Bound waiting to continue

It was really hard doing video since the sun was out in force, but we were usually under a canopy of trees. I could barely tell where they were against the backdrop of leaves. Next time, bright clothing. LOL!

Forgot it was WIPW. I will refer you to Monday’s post. Since I haven’t picked anything up in the last two days, nothing has changed from those photos! Just too much other stuff to do. Drive all over Daytona taking two teens shopping, running back and forth to drop off and pick up two golfers, and then driving to dinner. I was beat from being the taxi driver all day. Today is clean up and pack day, so more laundry than anything is getting done.

It’s been too cold to sunbathe, so I am just sitting in between loads, enjoying the ocean view. I need to buy a noise machine that sounds like the ocean. It really lulls you to sleep. In fact, two teen Divas are asleep in the living room right now. They tried swimming in the indoor pool, but I think this morning’s efforts wore them out. College Bound and her Dad are golfing. LPGA course, I am hoping she is having a good round.

OK, time to sit and watch the ocean. Who needs TV when you have this view!


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