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We made it home in one piece. Having my daughter drive through Atlanta was scary, but she made it. I thought my knitting would relax me, keep the nerves at bay. Not so. May need to check my gauge through that period of knitting. LOL.

I have a half finish to show today. I thought I would get these clogs completely felted last night after arriving home. Since I would have jeans to wash with them. But I was too tired, so they are half felted. But they will still look the same once completely felted.

Unfelted to foot
Whoa! Big Foot!!!
Half felted clogs
Half Felted Clogs Noro Kureyon Upper, Northampton Soles
Mis-striped clogs
Mis-Striped. It is what it is.

Michelle asked about the Noro striping, I did have to splice colors in. On the top clog you can see there is more dark yarn at the tip. And also on the top clog you can see the abrupt change from the gold to the green. Obviously it was the more spliced portion. I started with 4 skeins of Noro and 3 skeins of Northampton and ended up with the pair above and this pair. And a bit of confession, I had to use the Noro to finish the last sole of the 2nd pair. I didn’t quite have enough of the Northampton. But it’s all good because it’s on the bottom, most won’t see it. And they are slippers, so really, who else is going to see them? LOL

Visit Tami’s to see if there are other half done projects, or if they all got their’s completed. Check out Andrea’s for all the fibery goodness you can stand.

In other news. The pups were ecstatic to see me, well, and the rest of the family too. The sitters noted how crazy they were to see their momma compared to how they greeted others. That’s my boys! They love their momma.

Driving home through Atlanta, Hubster decided that College Bound needed experience driving through heavy city traffic. So, I decided that knitting might help calm my nerves while College Bound drove through heavy city traffic. It didn’t help. I may need to visit the gauge on that area of knitting before proceeding too much further. LOL. But I did get a lot done on the shrug since Hubster and CB did all the driving. Will try to follow up with that at a later date. Now I need to get some groceries in the house and see what’s coming up this next week. We usually don’t cut our Spring Break week short and come home, but with Easter and all, it was time. Now we won’t be rushed for the weekend activities.


10 thoughts on “Home FO

  1. It’s funny that because of the “recommendations” that kids be 12 before they even sit in the front seat, kids today will be really chauffeured almost until they are driving age. I think even sitting in the front passenger seat opens their eyes to what’s going on in traffic and the road signs. My oldest started sitting in the front when he was 10 because he is tall, but my middle has only sat there a few times. He’s just not quite tall enough for where the seatbelt hits. But given the “recommendations” my good friend isn’t tall enough or heavy enough and she’s a mother of 2!

    I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for the kids to start driving.
    Love the slippers!

  2. Seeing other’s felting projects never cease to amaze me but my own attempts have not all been successful, I guess it’s a trial and error thing. I love mismatched stripes – must my kids’ mismatching socks on purpose trend getting to me 😉 … I’m not looking forward to my kids’ driving, the oldest is only 2 years away from legal age, yikes!

  3. Funny how huge the pre-felting looks, and then they magically fits! Your stripes look fine, so often the knitter is the only one notice the problem, don’t worry about it!

  4. Welcome home! I have been reading your vacation posts with envy. Florida looks like paradise just about now.
    The clogs are great! Felting is still a mystery to me, but I might give it a try soon. I think I have a pattern for the French Press slippers somewhere in my pattern stash.

  5. Awesome clogs! I don’t envy anyone driving through Atlanta…I lived there for many years and the traffic was always scary. Glad you had a safe trip. Thanks for sharing your project. Gives me an idea for a new project 🙂

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