Well, life is back to norman, even though I do have a bit of a vacation since I won’t have the little one I watch until next week. I was being so lazy that I didn’t do a thing on Tuesday. I didn’t even pick up the knitting until early evening. I was dithering about what to knit. I just finished the shrug on Monday after ripping back to fix the ribbing. So, I could pick up Diantha or cast on something new. I know, I should go back and finish the shawl or sweater languishing since last year. Um, no. So I grabbed the sport yarn I had waiting to cast on for a hat.

Hoffher’s Hat is for another teacher. I am trying to gift the teachers who have meant a lot to my College Bound girl. With a few months left to go, I think I am done after this hat. I showed the yarns I finally settled upon in this post. I knew going in, that the two purples were going to be close. In the dim light you cannot tell them apart. Oh well, I was limited in the color range of the Northampton Sport I am using. But as you can see, with the flash it isn’t quite so close in color.

Hofer Hat

Just cast on and loving it. Although I did mis-place one of the colors. I was supposed to start the corrugated ribbing with the purple and light green. I grabbed the dark green. I was already 2 rows in and no way was I going to fix it. No one but me, well, and now all of you, know it.

Diantha isn’t any different than when she debuted, so we will skip that. I am also thinking of casting on a cabled project, just so I have enough to keep me interested. Lace, color, and cables, what more could a girl want?

Oh, I don’t know, yarn to make the Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket by E Zimmermann. Since we know know where College Bound is headed, U of Indy, I am able to get the yarn for her dorm blanket. Red and Gray* for the Greyhounds. I plan to do the center in a star with the red and then the border in gray. I might do a red I-cord edging if I have enough yarn. I am planning to do this as a single strand worsted project instead of the bulky it calls for. I don’t want it to be a heavy blanket, just something cozy for when she studies.

I leave you with the lovers. This how their moments start out. Far apart.

Cooper and Ellie May

After patient waiting, his wish is granted. She deigns to give him her presence.

Dog love

They sometimes run up and down the fence line. But mostly just sniff at each other. Ellie May is a Newfoundland, Cooper, obviously, is not. The other neighbor has a female Great Dane. So he is outmatched on all sides. But he loves them both. Even if he can walk under their bellies. iNDy, not so impressed. He is good for a quick bark, but usually goes for the humans, not the dogs.

OK, I am done here. Check out all the WIPs going on at Tami’s. Hope to see you there.

*College Bound Girl tried to school me on the spelling of this word. I admit, when writing this post, it seemed wrong to spell the color one way while spelling the word in the name of the dog breed differently. But, that is how I have always spelled the color, and that is also how I know the dog breed to be spelled. So, for my OCDness, I could not imagine spelling the color the other way. Even though it created a discord for me to see them used words apart with different spellings. Oh, and my fridge is going out, but that is neither here nor there.


6 thoughts on “WIPW

  1. You know that color mistake you talked about? Well, I promise to forget about it! What a great idea to knit something for the important teachers in your daughter’s life! I’ll remember it for when my turn comes!

  2. I love the colors of the hat! The blanket plan sounds great. Your daughter will have something special to wrap herself in when she’s missing home.

  3. I hate that feeling when you have nothing on the needles (except for those UFOs you are pretending don’t exist at the back of the cupboard) and don’t know what to cast on next! I love the colours of the hat in any case, how long does it take you to knit a hat in sport yarn? I’ve only ever done them in worsted or chunky and wonder if I would be too impatient to do it!

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