FO Tut

To avoid as much of a jog as possible I use a diagonal slant when weaving in my ends. I took some photos to try to capture this as best as I could. Hope the photos make sense. So here’s my tut!

Two light green strands. Each strand is laid to the direction that they need to be woven in.
Two light green strands. Each strand is laid to the direction that they need to be woven in.
Ends 2
You can see the “n” shaped hump the last knit stitch made in the light green. I now need to sew the end in to the right of the stitch to continue the path it would have taken were it still being knitted.

To do this I take the darning needle and sew along the path of the top green row to the right. It makes a slight downward diagonal motion to get to that tier.

Ends 3
I follow the path of the previous row’s knit stitches in the same color.
Ends 4
Now the lower strand needs to be worked in to the left of the point where the knitting began.

If you look, you will see that the bottom most light green row to the left is higher than it is to the right. So I make a slight upwards diagonal move to weave in the strand to the left.

Ends 7
See the gap created when you add new yarns in. That’s because they have not “crossed” the path of the beginning of the row.
Now I am attempting to close the gap.
Now I am attempting to close the gap.
Ends 6
The area below the light green has not been closed up. The area above the green has been. The jog is not seamless, but for most people, at the distance the piece will be viewed it is only discernible if you are looking for it.

In this last photo you can see how the dark green right below the light green area is wonky and the bottom light green rows are not very level. Once you weave in the next color’s strands it helps to bring that row into better alignment.

I never weave in my ends as I go. I always wait until the end to weave in ends. It makes a more seamless beginning of round in my book. YMMV.

Hoffher's Hat
Can you pick out the “seam” on the hat?I bet most of you can.

I used 234 yards of 6 colors of Valley Yarns Northampton Sport for this piece. I believe I got the yarn on sale, so it was only $3.20 a skein. Yeah me! I have over 75% of most of the skeins left, so lots of stuff to use it on in the future. But alas, it is not superwash, so no baby knitting with it.

Spring has bypassed us this year, just like we never have Fall anymore, just Summer, late Summer, more Summer, and then Winter. We went from 40’s-50’s to 70’s and 80’s. Then we will be back down to the 50’s. I long for 60’s to low 70’s for a long stretch of time. But I never get it. It is currently 9:00 pm and it’s still 80 degrees out there! I am almost ready to sink into a tub full of cold water! Only, it would disturb Hubster, who has an “unknown virus”. What? Yep, an UV. So, rest, let it take its course and if you’re not better by the weekend, come back next week. Oy. Poor thing, he has been miserable. I just know, I don’t want it, known or unknown!

Now, head over to Tami’s for the FO parade.  Hopefully I won’t be super late to that party like I was on Wednesday. But let’s not discuss my Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “FO Tut

  1. What a gorgeous hat! I have a similar strategy for weaving in ends. It’s all about not distorting stitches or leaving holes. Although, if there are really a LOT of ends, I might weave some in part way just to tidy up my WIP and get them out the way.

  2. Thanks for the tag, I kind of get what you mean, but I’ll have to actually work a colorwork project first to really ‘get’ it. Will bookmark your post! The weather here is terrible too. I hope your DH recovers soon.

  3. Beautiful hat! I’ve never attempted a colour work like this, always too chicken to do it. Thanks for the tutorial on weaving in, nice work!

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