WhIPing along on a Blanket, NOT

Is not going as quick as I would like. But when you use garter stitch on a US8, what can you expect. College Bound needs a blanket to keep her cozy, so Mom to the rescue. You are going to get mightily tired of me showing the lack of progress here. But at least I can show a little more than last week. Wait, did I even show it last week? LOL.

Uindy 2
Right angles.

The current piece starts on the right, wraps over the top, will then wrap around to the left, and finish by wrapping along the bottom. Does that make sense? Anywho, I will make up a second piece of the same two pieces to fill in at the bottom. If I can last it out! It’s a good thing I have until mid August to get this done. Of course, heading into summer is not the time to be working on a heavy blanket!

Hope all is well at your end. Hubster is finally over his illness. Still has a cough, but I am sure it will last a while. So far no one else has come down with it, so we’re good!

And, I got nothing else. I did knit some more on Diantha, but it doesn’t look like anything, so I will wait on a few more weeks before showing it. That is, if I even knit on it over the next few weeks. LOL. It’s not seen much knitting since I started it.

Now, for something more interesting. Loving Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits, I have always been on the lookout for a good duplicate recipe. I think I finally found it. I followed the recipe, using Bisquick in place of the first 5 ingredients. I used Pampered Chef’s medium scoop to get them on the cookie sheet and baked them for 20 minutes and then brushed the butter on and put them back in for a bit longer. That was too long. The second batch I put in for 15 minutes and then brushed with butter and then back in for a little longer. Perfect! I think the sour cream made all the difference. Try them, you will like them. They made a perfect accent for the Maple Dijon Chicken I made last night, followed the recipe. And Potato Cakes, which I didn’t completely follow the recipe on, added Mayo to bind them.

Sorry my photography isn’t the best.

dinner tonight
Clockwise from Upper Left: Chicken, biscuits, veggies, potato cakes with chive dip.

Now, enough about food. Time to see what else people are working on. Head over to Tami’s to see what’s on everyone’s plate!, I mean, blogs.


7 thoughts on “WhIPing along on a Blanket, NOT

  1. Lucky girl to have a mom who knits. But blankets! Why on earth do we do this to ourselves? Am working on another afghan and have hit that point where it feels like it will NEVER be done. Hang in there, I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

  2. Yep, the blanket will be quite something to knit! But that just more of your love that will wrap your daughter when she’ll need a little warmth and comfort between classes and exams. Congrats on the food! I am impressed. Thank God my husband can cook because I would have poisoned my family by now….

  3. The blanket, I’m sure, will start to materialize when you least expect it. Garter can seem such a drag over long stretches, but it’s going to be incredible and cozy when you’re finished!

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