I needed this last night! FO

I could have used this last night. As I approached FO Friday I realized I would have nothing ready to show. Oh no! I can’t bust my string of FOs!!! Silly, I know. And then it hit me. I have been planning to make more hot pads for my kitchen. I have two, neither of which match my decor, but they work just fine. Also, they are round and I wanted something in a rectangle shape for casserole dishes. So I thought, why not. And killing 3 birds with one stone, genius! Wait, 3? Yep.

  1. Hot pad for my kitchen
  2. FO Friday item
  3. I used up a leftover yarn!!!
Hot paddie
No actual Cheez-Its were eaten during filming. Cause I don’t care for them.
Cheese Nips are my brand!

Really happy about #3. I knew I had something that would match my dark red kitchen, and I did. I had less than 1/2 a skein of Paton’s Classic Merino. Perfect! So I cast on sts in a figure eight, 9 per needle. Knit 1 round. *K8, YO, K1, YO*. On the next round I twisted the YOs. Repeated these two rows, with the K8 and K1 increasing 2 more sts per increase round. Knit until I ran out of yarn, and I had just enough to cast off the last st, which left me less than 2″ to weave in. Threw it in the wash, felted it, and ready to use.

One thing I forgot, to knit the last few rows in garter to prevent curling edges. Hoping the curl will stay tamed. It ended up 7″x8.5″. Not as rectangular as I would have liked. I need to remember knitting felts lengthwise and widthwise in different ratios. Food for thought for the next one. I plan to make a bigger one for larger casseroles. Likely figure 8 cast on 20 sts and go from there.

Now, to show why I could have used this last night. Our awesome dinner.

Dinner 4 18
Need to get smaller plates. Maybe the food wouldn’t look so meager!

Clockwise from upper left: Green beans, Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, Quick Yeast Rolls. Disclaimer, I didn’t follow the SS recipe to the T. But it was a guideline. And on the rolls, there is a video, but I didn’t watch that before making, so the wet dough really threw me, I added another 1/2 of flour. Can’t tell that it made any difference, but I got 12 rolls instead of 8. And not all of my rolls were as huge as theirs. I guess, half were, half weren’t. Shown is one of the less big ones. I should show it from a side view, but you can get an idea from the recipe.

So, head over to Tami’s to see those legitimate FOs, not this poseur like mine! Then hang out at Wonder to see what fiberiness has been going on this week.


7 thoughts on “I needed this last night! FO

  1. That’s a cool looking hot pad. What exactly is a figure 8 cast on? And your pic caption about getting smaller plates has me in splits! I’m kind of hungover today so my post will come…eventually as I do have an FO.

  2. Love your hot pad! I need to make some for my kitchen too, it’s one of those things I keep meaning to make but never get to it LOL. Yeast roll, hmmm 🙂

  3. Smaller plates are definitely a help when you’re trying to eat proper sized portions. I like the construction of your hot pad and the color is great. Have a great week!

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