Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2013


I chose the House Of Bee, obviously. Why? Here’s the description: The House of Bee: Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest.

I thought it best described my knitting ventures. I would say I am fairly prolific in my output, but can often be taken off track by new and exciting projects.

When people wonder at how much I accomplish I make sure they understand, it’s easy when you don’t have a full time job, and even my part time job* allows for knitting. And, I make a lot of baby items, so they go very fast! So, what may seem like a lot of knitting, is actually a lot of knitting small items.

Now, the flip side of my house is that “ohh, looky there!!!” ADD thing. So, how do I describe what it is about that “ohh, looky there” thing. Is it the yarn? Is it the pattern? Is it color? Is it fiber? Is it all of the above?

Let’s walk through your favorite yarn shop, what jumps out at you? For me, color. I am all about color at first glance. Whether yarn or sample, it’s the color. Next, the touch test. Is it soft, is it silky, is it luscious? That grabs me and pulls me deeper. Next is the fiber. Even when the touch is calling to me, if there is a high content of cotton, acrylic, or silk, I will walk away.** No matter how much I love it. If it has Wool, Alpaca, or Cashmere, I am there! Notice how I have those in Caps, but not the others? Hmmm, I must respect them more. Then I finally notice pattern, although very unusual patterns will be the thing that gets me.

But then again, I do not always shop on site. So do the same factors line up online? Color, yes, still #1. But the 2nd would now be fiber. Since I can’t touch it, I have to rely on the fiber content. And then pattern will fall 3rd.

Most of the time I am drawn into my “ooh, looky there” moments by blogs and my knitting friends, plus we knit in a yarn shop, so that’s another issue. I don’t use search engines or knitting communities to find things, just to research what I have seen in other places.

So, I guess my “OLTT” is all about color. It captures my eye and determines if I will look or pass by.

So, this concludes my rambling. To check out what others are posting about their House choice, search the tagline 4KCBWDAY1. This will be my first time participating, so I am eager to follow along myself.

* I watch a 20 month old at my house a few days a week.

** Viviane asked why no silk or cotton, and I add acrylic. Because each of these yarns has their own lack of elasticity. My wrists and hands do not work well with in-elastic yarns. To avoid wrist pain, I avoid these yarns. I will knit with yarns that have a blend of wool and other, but usually stick with 100% wool.


5 thoughts on “Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2013

    1. I find cotton is harsh on my hands and wrists. It has no elasticity. Silk in fabric is luscious! Silk in knitted garments is too weighty and is affected by gravity, so the shape can be destroyed. Plus, it has no elasticity and is so slippery, I tense up keeping it stable. One lace weight silk yarn shawl experience is enough for me. LOL. I prefer yarns with spring!!!! And warmth.

  1. I am so happy to see that you are joining in this year! The House of Bees totally fits you! You are always amazing me with your many on-going projects and especially with the fact that you manage to finish most of them.

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