Day 2 of Knitting Blog Week

Today I must discuss A Mascot Project. Even though it was explained, I am still not sure what to make of it. My Mascot is a Bee. I have no desire to knit a bee, or something with a bee on it, or anything the color of bees. So, I need to explore the description of the Mascot. Busy? Nope, I do not want to knit a project that is “busy”. Industrious? Knitting with steel wool? Nope. So, I think I will go in the other direction, the “Ooh, looky there” thing. Being distracted by bright, shiny…..

So, Cameo is what I would identify as my Mascot Project. And actually, it is partly the color of a bee. It will use yellow, red, and a variegation of the two colors. The yarn is Claudia Handpaint, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Claudia_mediumI will start with the mustard, then knit the major portion with the variegated and then finish off with the tomato shade. I think. Having less than the pattern calls for means I will just be knitting until I run out of each color. I have dithered over this project because I just don’t know if it’s going to work. It won’t necessarily look like all the others because they mostly use 2 colors and are blended in the middle portion. There won’t be a striped portion on mine since the yarn is variegated, not self striping. Nor am I using two yarns in striping fashion. But I just couldn’t resist these skeins when I found them at Stitches South 2012. It was a pure COLOR!!! OOH LOOKY THERE thing. I couldn’t leave them alone.* And then came the search for a pattern! Argh, why do I do that every time? That “OLTT” has filled my stash closet with so much yarn! Not like that’s a bad thing…LOL. And it has contributed to many hours of fun looking at patterns to match to the yarn. But it is something I am trying to change. I need to start buying for projects, not that “OLTT”.

Now, the challenge says we don’t have to ultimately cast on this project, but I know that this one will make it on the needles, just when will be the real challenge!

To see what others are planning for their Mascot Project, follow the tagline 4KCBWDAY2

*Those who know me well, and maybe Barbara McI who reads this from Chattanooga will understand. Serious fall color girl here.


12 thoughts on “Day 2 of Knitting Blog Week

  1. That’s one cool pattern and I believe it’s going to look really neat with three colors. I’ve seen yarn with stainless steel at a shop but never tried it. I’d worry about a ton of things about it! Knitted jewelry too. I don’t get it because I’m big and clumsy and fine gauge wires and I wouldn’t agree.

    1. I usually don’t like Garter Stitch Shawls either, too boring. The yarn would be wonderful for a Cladonia, but I already have one of those. This shawl will be more for the color than the pattern, so GS was a no brainer.

  2. Ok, love that pattern. And like your idea for using variegated yarn in the middle section. You could even stripe a little between the solid and variegated on each side. Stunning colours too.

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