Color, ah, Color. 4KCBWDAY4

I do believe I wrote on Day 1 about my tendency to be lured by color. Hey, isn’t that how bees find flowers? They are attracted to the color? Or something. Anyhoo, Color, glorious color. And just which color is it that pulls ME in? The range of Fall colors is my downFall. Get it, down”FALL”, oh I crack myself up. Not.

So, I am attracted to Fall, the colors, the cold, crisp air, the sounds of leaves, the crackle of bonfires. If I had to target one color, it is, and always will be, Green. Not the deep Green of an Emerald. Not the soft Green of celery. Nor the bright Green of a Leprechaun’s suit. Give me the range from Lime to Olive. The Yellow Greens in every hue, shade, and tint. It makes me happy.

Just a sample of what shades I mean.

baby e boy

Connor's Gramps

Connor Prairie Blanket 11
OK, so that’s the color I think I am drawn to. Now to see if that bears out with the actual tally of my knitting records.

Color My World-1
Yes, I mastered it! Well, actually, I just downloaded it as a PNG and the in preview mode saved it as a JPG. But, it worked!

I would say vindication!!! 10 projects with Olive yarns, or olive in them. The one to surprise me is the brown shade coming in at 8 projects. I would never have thought that. Orange would have been my guess, but it tied for 4th. Pink came in 3rd??? It’s not a color choice for me, but I do make a lot of baby things and for a lot of girls, and bright pink works well for girls. Right? Notice how I slipped in another Infographic? LOL. I couldn’t let it get the best of me!

So, how does my color addiction correlate to a Bee. I gave up the answer in my opening. Aren’t bees attracted to color? Now, I don’t think it’s Fall colors that bring them in, but definitely green would be a backdrop when they are busy pollenating and flitting around. And they sure do hide in green grass and jump out to sting unsuspecting barefoot walkers. LOL. So I think I really do identify with bees. In more ways than one. But, not the stinging part.


7 thoughts on “Color, ah, Color. 4KCBWDAY4

  1. I think I am pink. But I wonder if that would play out if I did the pie chart (what a fun idea). I do love chartreuse. Pretty projects.

  2. Wow, love the color graph and how you used it as supporting evidence. I think that lime green is such a cool color, especially when paired with a neutral one like grey or tan.

  3. I love olive green … it’s my hue. But I admit that all things green, especially lime green are tripping me lately. Lovely post.

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