Fiber FO Friday

I can’t believe I have something to show this week! Until Wednesday it was looking like I would have 3 WIPs going and nothing done. But Wednesday I decided to focus on Diantha since that was the oldest of the 3. And by 1:30 am this morning I was done! Blocking and just waiting for it to dry. If it’s dry by this posting I will update the photo after weaving in ends.

Diantha was a pattern gifted to me, oh no! I forgot who gifted it to me. I am so embarrassed. If it was you, please leave a note in my comments. I have an idea of who I THINK it is, but I don’t want to say the wrong blogger. It’s that middle-aged brain! So, the lovely blogger gifted me this beautiful pattern that I had been wanting for a long time. I knew exactly which yarn I was going to use. Forbidden Woolery’s Lust. I wish Leann was back in business, but that will have to wait until little ones get older!

I cast on this project while traveling to Florida in March, just over a month to knit. But really it only saw the light of day a week in March and then a little here and there until this week. Once you got to the short rows it just flew! Cast on 409 sts, cast off 206. With little yarn to spare! I used up all 437 yards, easy. I didn’t even sweat it as I saw the skein whittle away to nothing. Well, almost. So maybe I did open my Excel stash file to see if I had a fingering to use for the missing bind off sts if need be.

Diantha blocking

I am not sure if those black spots really are pooling from the bits of black in the yarn, or a product of the flash. I need to redo some of the points, so I will look a bit closer when I go back to it. Funny how you see things in photos you never notice in real time. I am not setting the points as she did in the original. I just don’t have enough room to get this blocked properly. If I am not happy once it comes off the board I will redo it on one of the twin beds in the spare room. But for now, I want to try and wear it at least once before summer truly hits. There may be a cool evening still left in our Spring.

So, by the hair of my chinny chin chin I made it to another FO Friday. Whew! I am not sure how much longer I can keep the streak alive. Maybe it’s time to get more baby stuff out of the way. I have a due date of July for a baby girl and will knit big sis a matching piece, and I want to do vests for two young brothers. Plus, I have mittens lined up to do. Yes, in the run up to Summer I am going to work on mittens. LOL. At least I will be ready for next winter.

Check out other FOs at Tami’sand play along with Fiber at Wonder. And check out the other post on the blog today. It is the 5th installment of KCBW.


12 thoughts on “Fiber FO Friday

    1. I blocked with wires and pins. You can make out the pins at the bottom of the photo. The top is using the wires. I usually block with wires top and bottom, but the bottom edge is so big I feared running out of wires. I should try the floss route, cheaper than thread since I get so much from the dentist!

  1. I always admire those who can knit lace shawls. Yours is one even I would consider – just enough lace but still enough regular knitting to satisfy my need for “weight.” Beautiful.

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