Now what?

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The view in my garden

Blog Week is over! It was such fun, and most of all, with the prompts I was able to have a subject to blog about each day. I usually only blog on Wed and Fri because of the “play alongs” with the various hosts. I don’t have to think of a subject! In reading the last day of Blog Week, one poster decided to create her own prompts to help her continue consistent blogging. In thinking about that I have decided that on Mondays I am going to have a Motivational Monday. I will blog about what is motivating me for the week, or what carried me through the weekend. It could be knitting related, or family related, craft related, whatever.

So, for my first Motivational Monday prompt I want to talk about knitting. Hey, it is a knitting blog after all.

Right now I am motivated by a yarn. I love Claudia Handpaint yarns. I don’t have enough of them! But then again, what I have in stash is usually none, because I cast on and knit them as soon as possible. Another reason I don’t have much is availability. No one stocks it in town. So I have to purchase online or at events where I find it. When at events I am limited by the amount of money I have set aside for purchases. Online I am limited by the imprecise color representations of our monitors. So I hold back on buying online. But I should know better. I know the colors I love in her yarn, so I should boldly order it when I crave some.

Claudia 2If you followed along with Blog Week you will know of the colors I am craving right now. Mustard Custard, John B and Brick House. Not sure I would eat Mustard Custard, but I understand where the name came from. It is a mustard color, yet the creamy feel to the yarn would call to mind custard. The photos below do not even show the true color. It is much more subtle than my camera can capture. The John B is subtle like the photo shows. The Brick House. Yep, that one is fairly true to color. LOUD! You can see the barest hint of the two row stripes forming in the photo. The last 4 rows are all John B, having run out of the Mustard Custard.

Honey Be triangle
130 Stitches, 43 Picots along edge.

Honey Be straight  Honey Be Mine close up

 This is my Blog Week mascot project, 4KCBWEC

I wasn’t sure about starting the striping with the two yarns, but I am liking it now. I would start the same thing with the Brick House, but at that point it is going to be the lace portion and at the widest width, so I think I need to reserve the Brick House to get as much lace as I can.

The beauty of these colors, plus the crisp yarn, are what keep me going on this boring Garter Stitch! The 4 row repeat does give me a little bit of pattern to cause me to keep my brain engaged, but the color is what is going to see this knitting through. I may have to cast on something else to relieve the boredom of GS, especially since the other WIP is a GS blanket! Me, who dislikes the purl side of knitting, is doing two GS projects at the same time? I much prefer the smooth Knit fabric to the bumpy look. I have even switched out K/P for GS when doing some shawls that were GS. But right now, with the craziness that is Senior year for College Bound, and all of Diva Girl’s daily dramas, it is good to have such soothing projects going on. But I think it will be time for a color work project soon. Two hat patterns with yarn ready at hand are likely candidates. Or a slouchy hat for Niece #2* with cables? Whatever I do, you can be sure there will be certain motivators for what I choose. Yarn fiber and color!!

If you want to play along, please leave me a comment along with your URL so I can see what your Monday Motivation is!

*Denoted by age, not ranked by favoritism. LOL


2 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Next week I will follow along though having a new project to cast on is great motivation for getting the others done:)
    I love the colors you’re using. They are so pretty. I love having a soothing project on the needles too, though mine tend to be socks.

  2. What a great idea for a Monday posting. I look forward to reading along. Those flowers are making me jealous. My garden seems not to know that it’s springtime yet. Claudia Handpainted yarns are lovely. I used it to knit my Linen Stitch scarf a few years back.

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