Knitting · WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Back to norman here after the week of blogging about my knitting. Over the next little bit I will continue the blog week extra credit by blogging about my Honey Be My Cameo Shawl. Cameo Shawl is the name of the pattern, but since I was making it during my House of Bee episode, I renamed it. And the color is a very deep honey gold, so it all fits.

Honey Be Mine close up

I added the John B colorway of the Claudia before I was done with Mustard Custard. I want to add the Brick House in the same fashion, but fear I won’t have enough to do very much lace if I do that. I only have 1 skein of BH, 2 of JB, and 1 of CM. Another case of trying to fit the yarn to a pattern instead of the pattern finding yarn. Whatever comes of it, I don’t think I will mind. I love the colors and how they blend and contrast, so it’s all good.

Honey Be triangle

So far I am still more intrigued with the garter stitch rather than bored. The color is likely what is helping. I can’t wait to see the color become something more. Although I am sure I will become bored long before I get to the Brick House color. I will be knitting 30 more picot edges, so 30 x 4 rows = 120 rows!

The contrast of the rows in the photo are not quite what real life shows. The striping is much more subtle. But I will keep at it. I am really excited about this knit, so I am sure I will get it done quickly. Unless I get taken by surprise with a pattern or yarn that speaks to me.

College Bound’s blanket hasn’t seen any knitting time lately. Too busy with blogging and new knits knitting and family stuff. This week may see some progress as Diva Girl has drivin school classes to attend and some nights I might just hang out nearby and wait for her to be done. We’ll see.

So, what’s on your needles today? Join the play along at Tami’s to share the fun.


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Your shawl is progressing beautifully! I often wonder how you can knit so fast. Thanks for following the blog. I really meant the people who keep visiting, but don’t comment OR follow, in that angsty blogpost. You and Tien (Autumngeisha) have always been so kind, and I keep getting these moments when I’m like, ‘oh we have this in common too!’. Ah well. I’ve been nusy taking pictures lately and a few are on the blog.

  2. WOW..the shawl is coming along nicely..and it seems the colors you have figured out will be perfect….they fit together well..

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