Surprise FO

I had no idea I would have an FO to show today. I have been plugging away on the blanket and shawl, neither of which would get done in time. While at knitting on Wednesday I was facing a wall that had a new sign on it that said “sale”. The yarn that I have been waiting to see be marked down finally was. I knew I did not need to buy any more yarn for any large projects! But, I had asked my niece if she wanted a slouch hat and she said yes. So I found some Kathmandu at 50% off and it was good to go.


I had seen a pattern, Yarnster, on a blog(?) and thought it would be a good year round hat. So I cast it on Wednesday night while I was killing time. Then today while watching my little guy I was able to get a lot done. Even with a trip to the park I had time to knit. He spent more time playing with his toys than he ever has. Then I finished it up while watching Wolverine, everyone else was working, golfing, or at drive school. It went so quick, I was very surprised to cast it off by 8:30 pm.  So, you will have to make do with the flash photos since it was so late when I got it done.

Slouch hat Slouch Paige

Slouch Smile

My lovely Diva Girl is modeling for me.

So, the week has had highs and lows. The highs? More yarn! The lows? Our anniversary was Wednesday. Hubster had a fruit bouquet sent to me. Love it! Then that night I made his fav, spaghetti, and me lasagna. He got home at just the right time, I was finishing things up. Then he got a phone call and walked outside to talk. Once dinner was done I went outside to tell him. Came back in, made my salad, got my food and sat down in the dining room. I even used our wedding china! And I ate. Then I stood up, got my empty dishes and walked into the kitchen as he was coming in from outside. Yeah, he heard about it later that night. When he protested about taking the phone call because of importance, I asked if he would have done the same thing if we were OUT to eat. He said yes, but I seriously doubt he would have. MEN! We didn’t go out since we are headed to Maine in a month for a week’s celebration of our 20 years of marriage. So yeah, I not only got cheated out of an anniversary meal out, I got cheated from even having the other half at the table with me. Oh well, that’s not the biggest bump we have survived.

So, now you can head over to Tami’s and Wonder’s to see what Fibery FOs are out there in blogland.

For my notes: 32 weeks, no I am not pregnant. LOL! What do you think I am, an elephant. 


10 thoughts on “Surprise FO

  1. oh no! I wish you a very happy holiday in Maine though. Do think of me when you have lobster won’t you? One of my favorite things to eat in the whole world, fresh steamed lobster. The hat is very cute, I can totally imagine wearing it almost year round. Lucky niece! In response to your comment on my blog, I never tried sour cream in a cake, but I have a recipe for pound cake which I will probably bake soon. As soon as I figure out how to make it lower carb and sugar free. I’m also going to try to make sugar free jam at home, since the bottled stuff tastes awful.

  2. Love the slouchy hat! You should make your lovely daughter one because the style really suits her. Happy anniversary! Tell your hubby that he owes you two celebratory meals now! Or a double order of Maine lobster 🙂

  3. The hat is lovely, you’re such a fast knitter! Happy Anniversary! Just make sure hubby treat you to something special when you’re on holiday…. we both forgot our anniversary this year until we received cards from other people and then realised that it had been and gone, we’ve married for 19 years 😉

  4. I really like that hat. I know a girl that might like one at my house.

    I used to think differently about these work things, but now that we’ve been in that unemployment experience too much for my liking, I’ve realized that sometimes the IMPORTANT work things are really important. Let’s just hope that Maine makes up for it!!!

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