Motivational Monday

My motivation this week is not for knitting. It’s for finishing up plans for College Bound’s Graduation Party. We are headed to Maine June 1st, so we need to have her party before we head east. The weekend before we leave for Maine is the only choice. She will graduate the day after her party, so we might be jumping the gun?

Too many changes coming so soon! We think College Bound has a summer internship at a power company. I know, nothing to do with her intended major, but it’s a full time paying job for employees’ kids, so we will take it. She will be able to ride with Hubster, but that means very early mornings and not home until close to 6. Diva Girl is going to work at a local Amusement Park, Holiday World. She won’t start until after the graduation party. Thankfully they have a bus that comes to our city to pick up workers. Unfortunately she will be on that bus 2 hours before work starts and then won’t be home until 2 hours after her shift ends. Her days off from work will be taken up with Cheer practices. So she will be one tired pup most of the time. I will be home alone with the dogs unless I decide I am too bored and go get a job.  Or I may just take the pups swimming all the time.

Now I want to share our beautiful girl with you, actually both of them. Saturday night was CB’s last Prom. Her Senior Prom. She was beautiful.

Prom 19
College Bound, Diva Girl, Nice Niece

Prom 24 Prom 25

Prom 4 Prom 12

He used the football to ask her to prom, so we thought it was cute to use a football pose in the pictures. They had a great time. After prom was at an amusement center which has arcades, laser tag, and mini golf. She rode an inflatable bull at the after prom party. Glad she got video of it!

Now, three more years of dances with Diva Girl and then we will be done. It’s such a production anymore. Dress, tux, flowers, dinner, pictures, etc….. I don’t know if we will make it through!!!

So, will I find the motivation to finish graduation announcement/party invitations, round out the dinner menu for her party, get the house put to rights, watch the little one I babysit 7 more times, get their summer job schedules figured out, finish CB’s college blanket, plan out our Maine activities, and get packed for a week in Maine? I have 3-4 weeks to get it all done. Time to go to work. Knitting may have to take a back seat right now.


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Such lovely pictures, it makes me feel kinda sad I never had the chance to go to a prom. Wait, I’d probably never get asked to it to begin with. Hehe. You have such gorgeous girls! Good luck with all the planning!

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