Blog Break

Not sure how long of a break it will be, but with the craziness that is our life right now, I can’t find energy or desire to post. Plus, the knitting is not a big focus right now, so no knitting, ergo, nothing to knit blog about. LOL. This week the focus is on getting graduation/party invites out in the mail. The party is quickly approaching, so I need to get the ducks in a row. There seems to be little I can control right now, so maybe this is my way of controlling something.

The thing that is freaking me out the most is the fact that I have a party invite list that totals 215 people!!! I do not have room for 215 people to be at my house at the same time!!! I am so hoping they don’t all come. In a quick run through I can count off at least 50 I am sure will not likely come, but you feel obligated to invite. Some are out of town, some are part of the percentage that just don’t show up. I have always heard 75% show up. Is it bad that I am praying that is so?

I have deserts for 150 planned. I have fruit salad for 100 planned. I have nothing else planned. LOL! I know I will have potato casseroles, much easier than other sides. Green beans, baked beans, potato chips, veggie trays, soft drinks. Oh, and some kind of meats, maybe smoked turkey, ham, hamburgers, hot dogs? Yikes!! And chairs. I don’t have enough chairs!! Nor tables. But we do have a canopy tent rented! Too bad people can’t sit on it.

So, off to sit and let my brain turn to mush while I worry about something I can’t do anything about for 3 more weeks! Wait, maybe I should do something in 2 weeks. Play nice while I am gone. Remember me when I get back.


6 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. ouch! Its a crazy amount of organization but you’re going to be so proud of yourself (and college bound obviously) looking back! You’ll be missed…but enjoy the break and have an awesome party 🙂

  2. Sweetie, I want you to know, I am right there with you!!!!!!!!! DD graduates next Friday and we have the party on Saturday, I’m remodling my bath and having to deal with dh health issues. I’ll be praying that every thing goes well and that only 75 % shows up. I’ll try to catch up with you after graduation is over.

  3. Just remember to breath!! I know a lot of your guests would not care if there was food or not. Just to see you and graduate would be enough for me.
    best wishes to her and enjoy the day, It will pass fast.

  4. I am freaking out along with you after reading this! 215! The good news is that you seem to have the dessert part worked out. People are much happier when sweets are readily available. As for the chairs, maybe have a fun picnic theme and lay down some large picnic blankets in the back yard to make up for a shortage of chairs. I know that the young people would enjoy lounging around on the ground in small groups. Good luck! Take lots of pictures and remember that this only comes around once or in your case, twice, in a lifetime. So take a deep breath and enjoy yourself! And try to get a bit of stress relieving knitting in, even if you can’t blog about it 🙂

  5. Yikes! I’m not sure I could even host 150 people at my house?! But, if it is an *open house* then people might come and go and not be all there at once. And I 2nd autumngeisha’s idea about some blankets for picnic style. Some of my favorite party ideas come from pinterest. I love the individual 7-layer dip in clear cups. And the ranch in the bottom of a cup with Crudités standing in the cup. And my newest favorite is pre-poured lemonade and iced tea in mason jars with lids screwed on and then in a bucket of ice. Try to find some time to knit….and relax…these are your friends and family…they’ll have a wonderful time no matter what.

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