Home at last, Maine, Saturday through Tuesday adventures

Maine cried big fat tears when I left today, or maybe those were rain drops? Whatever. I was very sad to leave it, but eager to get home to the rest of the fam. This post will be long and is more for my memory than for your reading. Feel free to just skip it.

Saturday: Arrived in Bangor, drove down to Corea, settled in. Drove over to Winter Harbor and had dinner at Fisherman’s Inn. Good food, good service. Got the recommendation from the IGA clerk across the parking lot from restaurant.

Sunday: Headed over to Bar Harbor for a look around. Ate lunch at CherrySTONES, loved it!!!

image Cherrystones 2

After lunch we drove up Cadillac Mountain and looked out over Bar Harbor. Beautiful! And windy!!!


For dinner we picked up two lobsters and boiled them at home. yum yum!


Monday: Headed further south today to Prospect to see Fort Knox.

Fort Knox 1 Fort Knox 2

Back to Bar Harbor for lunch at the Thirsty Whale. Yummy!

Fish Taco, sooo good.

Dinner was Shrimp Boil at home. Getting good at this stuff.


Tuesday was another day down coast. We hit Acadia National Park for the Park Loop Road. This led us to Sand Beach, Thunderhole, and then Jordan Pond Restaurant. Skip eating a meal at Jordan Pond and just have a beverage and popovers. Meal was very overpriced for value. Popover was delicious!!!

Sand Beach 2 Thunderhole

After lunch we headed even further south to Bass Head Harbor Lighthouse.


Then back home, but with a stop at Shirley’s Gifts, Yarn, and Crafts.

image shirleys1

Dinner that night was at Jordan’s Snack Bar. Loved that Chocolate Shake!! The meal was okay, popcorn shrimp, crinkle fires, and slaw. Couldn’t even eat it all.


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