Inspiration Saturday

I have been absent for a few weeks. What with graduation activities, then vacation, then returning home, my Saturdays have been busy. But life is returning to normal, so time to get back into old habits.

So, what is there to inspire me right now? Babies!! With 3 coming to family and friends this summer, I am trying to stay ahead of the game. The 1st one is already here, but it will be a bit before I get to that little one. So, the first sweater of the current baby season is for family. She is due in July and it was time to get going on her sweater. I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Top Down Sweater from Bernat. Suggested yarn is Bernat Softee Baby, but having seen the cardigan done in my fav, Baby Cashmerino, it was a no brainer that I would be doing mine in the same. And the same exact colors were in my stash. Actually, the only ones I had enough yardage of to use. Fate.

Here is Annabella’s start.

Bernat 1

Bernat 2

I love the squared off neckline. And I love the Baby Cash. If I could only knit with one yarn for the rest of my life this would be a close contender. Maybe some day I will find the perfect me sized cardigan to use it on? So soft!

So, you totally believe me when I say I just had to cast this on, right? OK, confession. I was trying to knock out Cameo. I was so close. Only, the recent photo of the shawl and the last color were not working. And when I looked at the color of John B and the next color Brick House, I realized, there is no red in John B! Why did I think it worked? I guess the high of Stitches South, the fluorescent lighting and the immediacy of it all.

Cameo 5
Pink and Orange, but NO Red in that mid section.

So I faced the truth, it was time to call in for help. An email to Claudia Hand Paint yielded some suggestions. Such wonderful service! Then a quick search yielded the link to Eat.Sleep.Knit.

You MUST visit their site. You will love their Color Picker option. They gave me some suggestions and then I could look at their comparison in the Color Picker. But more than anything, the personal service is A-one! And, since I could get free shipping on orders over $75.00, and now I had an unneeded skein of Brick House, why not just go ahead and order some grey to use with the red to make a Sothia to wear when we go to UIndy games to cheer on the Greyhounds?

Yeah, there went the no yarn buying plans! I am almost to the numbers from the entire year in 2012! I need to put a stop to this!

So, you be the judge, was it inspiration, filling the void, or avoiding the UIndy blanket that is still not done? Righto, #3!!! But, let’s not talk about that. LOL!


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. Hehe…you sound so much like me sometimes. I go loco over yarn even when I promise myself, my ocverflowing stash and my long suffering hubby ‘no more’. I may not be able to find his swim goggles (bummer because we’re going on vacation tomorrow) but I know where my stash is! Is that Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino you mean? It’s one of the yarns I’ve been meaning to try. After I make a dent in the cheap wool of the andes stockpile because, well, it was cheap and I was new to the vast arrays of fiber available here.

  2. Just finished reading all your Maine posts – they are so great! Love the pictures! I will be heading back there next year for my nephew’s wedding near Bar Harbor and I can’t wait. That little girl’s sweater is so cute and I so identify with you and your stash enhancement – this has not been the best couple of months for me either. However, I have just been working on two projects with stash yarn so that makes me feel better.

  3. Glad you are home. That is an adorable baby sweater. Thanks for the great tip on color picking. Awesome site.

  4. Both are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the baby sweater finished. I make a lot of baby sweaters and it looks like one I could add to my library.

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