Motivational Monday

What’s my Motivation today? Knitting? Sleeping? Swimming with the dogs? Cooking?

I guess all will be a focus at some point. More than liking the sleeping part is done for. Younger’s job is at an amusement park nearby. She is able to ride a bus from our city to the park. Saves gas for us. But, this means she has to catch the 7:25 am bus for a 10:30 start time. The 9:00 bus might cut it a bit too close. That means Mom has to be up to get her to the bus and we leave our house no later than 6:50 to achieve this. Ugh. I have to do this 5 days this week!!! The other days she is at cheer practice, thankfully it doesn’t start until 9:00 am and it is town.

Knitting? It’s my main motivation today. I have a baby sweater to get done by July, a college blanket to get by August, and lots of fingering weight yarn to knit up. Seeing as I just ordered 1050 more yards! Only 175 of it will be used to finish Cameo. The other 875 will be used in a different shawl. Must. Stop. Buying. Yarn!

I am sure the baby sweater will receive the bulk of the knitting since I am enjoying it so much.


The cardigan I am “duplicating”, by using the same exact yarn, has some embroidery on it. I am debating whether I want to duplicate that also. I am not a novice at embroidery, but don’t do a lot of it on knitted items. I guess I will wait until I get to the finished point. I do hope to find some very cute buttons to use. It has 3 buttons at the bodice, so three nice, big, bold, buttons will be looked for. Maybe even 3 contrasting buttons?

Have I told you how much I love Baby Cashmerino? I adore it. I would marry it if I wasn’t already spoken for. I would definitely sleep with it! Don’t tell Hubster that. It has such a soft hand, such an even gauge, even if the left leg seems to stand straight up and the right leg leans. Hard to describe. I love the light weight fabric it makes. Perfect for little ones. And, it’s washable, so what’s not to love. I have found it can firm up in a hot wash and dry, but easy wash care can keep it looking nice for the long haul. Just look at how much I love it for baby stuff. I am now to the point of odds and ends in the colors I do have. I think I have about 10 colors on hand at the moment. I need to do something about that. But, not this year, I have already bought too much!

Now, to get motivated to take the dogs swimming. They absolutely love swimming at my mom’s pool. It is hard to get them out of the pool when it’s time to go. They tirelessly play catch with the ball, only I have to throw it. And then cooking. Since summer has hit I have kids and Hubster and I going every which way. It’s hard to corral everyone for dinner, and the trip to Maine has thrown us off track. I am still learning how much to plan on attendance at dinner throughout the week. And it’s not going to get anymore settled with golf tournaments for Elder coming up. I guess life will never be back to normal. This IS the new normal.


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. It sounds like you have a busy summer ahead. I don’t envy you the early morning starts. I look forward to sleeping in during the summer. The sweater is looking great. I hope that you try the embroidery. It is fun and easy to do.

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