That may be all I seemed to do on Motivational Monday, but it’s really the best online yarn shop!! I placed my order mid-morning on Friday and got my order mid-morning on Monday! All the way from Savannah, GA. Sure, I could have driven down there, 7 hours, had a bite to eat at The Lady and Sons, spent the night, shopped for the yarn, and then driven home and gotten it quicker. But then I would have been a lot poorer and a lot fatter!

Sothia 1
There really is no purple in the grey skeins

Thankfully they ship free with orders over $75.00 and who can’t find $75.00 worth of yarn to buy! I got yarn for a second shawl since I was already shopping. Am I embarrassed that I spent $60.00 for a shawl’s worth of yarn? Um, no. When I started knitting in 2000, um, yes! My how perceptions of expense change.

Anywho, here is the new yarn with the Cameo WIP. Since the 2nd skein of John B had more orange in it, the orange Scarlet O’Hara will blend in nicely. It may not look like it is much different than Brick House, but believe me, it is. Brighter and not red. See above photo for comparison.

Cameo End

I think I will be much happier with the orange. Pink might have been the best choice, but I prefer orange, so I am a satisfied customer.

And even more satisfied since I won a prize!!!

$5.00 Store Credit!

Yes, I know, $5.00 isn’t much, but I’ll take it. Wonder if they would catch if I put a zero on two of the $5 prizes? Now to get back to knitting on that shawl so I can clear it off my records. And then finish that baby sweater. And then, just maybe, finish that blanket! I may need to bribe myself with finishing the blanket before starting a new piece. Wonder if I could keep my word on that bargain?


2 thoughts on “Eat.Sleep.Knit.

  1. Sounds like a good time to imagine! I’ve been to Savannah but didn’t get to eat at Lady and Sons, line was stretched clear around the block and with two small children in tow it wouldn’t have been a good idea. Maybe we’ll go again one day.

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