Inspiration Saturday

Shoot! Made it through another week without an FO. That makes, 7 weeks!!! Sheesh! I could have had one this week if I had stayed true to the baby sweater. But swimming with the dogs, knitting on the shawl, and generally being busy, kept me from it. But, I did finally get a bit done while babysitting yarn yesterday. And that yarn will be my inspiration today too.

yarn 1

A friend manages The Modern Ewe in Mt Vernon, IN. She ran off to Columbus for TNNA and left me to man the ship. What fun! I got to sale yarn and help some people, always a fun thing to do. And in the down time I was able to knit on the baby sweater. It’s ready for the trim at the bottom, short sleeves and then button band. I just love this pattern. I think it’s the squared off neckline that does it for me.

I wish I could say the college blanket is inspiring me, but more like avoidance! I just need to knuckle under and do it. She won’t need it at the beginning of school, maybe by October she would really need it. But I don’t need to let it sit until then. I can finish it!

Cameo again

And last inspiration is the Cameo shawl. Which is still inspiring me, despite thinking I got the wrong orange. But I am just sticking with it and forging ahead. From a distance it all works together, and most people won’t even bat an eye at the colorful combo.

If you live locally and want to keep me company, just head out to The Modern Ewe. I’ll be here until 4:00pm!

For your viewing pleasure, our swimming fun.

Doggie Diving My chaise!

Father’s Day at my brother’s. His dog (horse) Luca helping himself to a drink from the drink cooler. He is just precious!


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