FO Friday after a very long drought!

Whew! Thought I would never have another FO! And now I have three. But I am only going to reveal 1 today. I have to save the others for those drought weeks. LOL.

I have been working on a shawl since April? I cast on during the Knit Blog Week. It was my House Mascot Project. And it is finally done. After changing my mind about how I was doing just about all of it. And then I even changed the stitch pattern. Instead of finishing with lace I just did garter. I just wanted to have the least thought provoking pattern. Something that could run on habit and without attention.

Cameo Bee Mine
You can see the color difference in the two variegated skeins. They were the same color way.

Cameo Bee Mine 1

Cameo Candle

I love it! It is so light and airy.

4 skeins of Claudia Handpainted Fingering and I used just about every drop! Mustard Custard, John B, and Scarlet O’Hara. The John B skeins were even very different, one was pinker than the other. But it’s OK, such a light shawl will be wrapped around and scrunched and pleated. I doubt anyone else would see it as I do.

Cameo by Paulina P was very straight forward and an easy knit. I would use the pattern again if I have skeins that needed no pattern for their beauty. The picot edge adds a little to it, so it’s not just a plain edge.

The Claudia? What else can I say? I love this yarn!!! Going right now to send off one of the pics to them. Having contacted them about my color dilemma they were interested in seeing the finished shawl.

So, back to knitting on the college blanket. I have nothing else on the needles right now, but plans to start. I want to have the Cable Shawl as a long term project for home and then start on my Sothia maybe? Or the other baby sweater I need for summer? Baby is already here, so I have no reason to put it off. Just need to grab the Baby Cashmerino. I am quickly depleting my stash!!! I will need to make the next item striped with all my leftover colors.

OK, so Cable Shawl for home and when my brain demands pattern. Sothia for out and about because it starts small and it’s St st. And then this sweet repeat found here. That should do me for a the month of July. Of course, that means very few FO Fridays since 2 items will be large ones. Oh well, it’s all knitting.

Please join in with Tamiand Andrea for more FOs and Fiber Fun!


15 thoughts on “FO Friday after a very long drought!

  1. Very nice. Personally I like the fact the skeins did not match perfectly…..adds more interest. That cable shawl will be lovely and the Sothia has been one of my faves for a while. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. It’s always nice to have so many things you want to knit, that you can’t decide which to knit next! I love the shawl, and particularly how the colors blend. Makes me think of raspberry lemonade!

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