Inspiration Saturday

Can’t say there is one thing inspiring me today. Since I have leave to start new projects, having just finished 3, I am pulled every which way. Most inspiring is the Cable Shawl I am starting. I have had 13 skeins of Jo Sharp’s Silk Road DK, the Boheme color, in my stash for such a long time. It has imagined itself as many things, but never jumped on the needles. It’s now time to enjoy using this yarn for a me project.


I imagine myself wrapped in this for comfort and warmth. I see it paired with a white blouse or turtleneck and jeans. Of course, the real life will not likely live up to my expectations, but that isn’t what inspiration is for. It is there to prod us to achieve, to try, to work towards a goal. It isn’t always reality, it may never be what we dreamed it would be. But maybe, it just might be better?

And now that I have Netflix streaming on any device we want, I have even more opportunity to knit! I rarely watch TV because there is never anything on worth watching. Now that I can choose and find things I prefer, it’s on. I am now waiting for the 3rd season of Sherlock, BBC, since I have watched all the available ones. I love that show! Currently working through Wallander, then will try The Fall or Prime Suspect. Plus, the movies I have always wanted to see, but never got round to, now at my fingertips. We thought it would be good to have Netflix with College Bound going off to school in August. She has a new Mac Book Air, so she likely won’t need a TV. We will start out with the computer watching and then get her a TV if she needs one. She doesn’t watch a lot of TV either, so I think Netflix will suit her. Hopefully she will be studying all the time!!! LOL, I crack myself up sometimes.

OK, time to get something accomplished. Hubster and College Bound have been scoring and carrying placards at a golf tournament this week/end. They scored for John Daly on Thursday. They always come home with signed golf balls from this yearly tournament. Like I don’t have enough golf balls on display in my house! Every time CB had a great round Hubster would date it and post her score and off to the display case it went. I fear a few hundred golf balls will be on display in wall cabinets in a year or two! Maybe I should get a large jar or vase to display them in?

Now, go get inspired or inspire someone else. Pass the fever along!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. That looks like yummy yarn. You’re right, thats what inspiration is for! I love the idea of displaying your golf ball collection in a large jar or vase. That would make for one cool conversation piece. Oh- and we live for netflix streaming, really. We do watch it on the TV but also on ipad and iphone sometimes.

  2. OOOOHHHHHH I love the BBC Sherlock!!! I’m waiting for it to come back on the telly so I can watch more. I’ll have to have a show and tell so you can see the lovely new stuff I bought! Can’t wait to see what you make of it. It looks like a lovely yarn!!!1

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