June Recap, I have regressed!!

All those plans of not spending more than last year. Of not adding more yardage than last year. Of not adding more skeins than last year. They are hanging by a thread. Well, the skein count has already been busted, but only by 2 skeins. It’s like I think they are records to be broken.

During the month of June I have added 24 skeins, 3755 yards.
During the month of June I have knit up 5 skeins and only 831 yards.

Here, I’ll do the math for you:

24 skeins – 5 skeins = 19 new skeins sitting in my stash!!!
3755 – 831 = 2924 yards added to my stash!!!!

I ended June with 75,164 yards and 424 skeins.

The last purchase came right at the end. WEBS did it to me again! A sweet deal for 109 yard skeins of Valley Yarns Greenwich at a special price of $1.99 for Friday-Sunday. And since I just picked up that Noni Bag pattern, and it needs 1600 yards for the largest size, why not? I got the yarn for the project at only $30.00. Plus, I needed a size 4US Knitter’s Pride needle tip, the one that makes your needle a 16″. So, might as well.

In the personal cost area, I am only $7.00 away from beating last year’s cost.
In the yardage area, I am at least 1200 away from breaking that record.
In the skeins area, I am 2 over last year’s total.

I know I will not be good enough to stop buying. I just know it! At least I do have yarn for the projects I have planned. But there’s always that knitting in a yarn shop every week to tempt me. First off, I need to unsub from WEBS!!! I will allow myself to buy needles and patterns to use with yarn I already have. But no more buying patterns or books for yarn I don’t have! Do you hear me Chris?

In the finishing department I did end up with 3 FOs. But one barely counts since it was so little!

June Knitting
Bernat Softee Top Down Sweater
Headband of my own design
Cameo Shawl with Modification

Now to continue trying to knit down the stash and NOT add anymore to it. I fear it’s a losing battle. But thankfully the next few projects are mostly from stash. Sothia is new yarn, but one skein is old. Does that count?


4 thoughts on “June Recap, I have regressed!!

  1. hehe, so much like me! I don’t think I will ever beat my 2011 record because that was the year I discovered knitpicks, webs, what have you nad I bought, literally, a mountain of yarn. Then groupon also sends me deals for NYC yarn shops occasionally. Not fair! Now, I’m only buying what may be termed luxury fiber– alpaca mostly, but also merino. So that means more $$ spent per skein but less yardage. Hmm. I need to knit mine down too!

  2. The sweater and headband are cute! You know I love the colors of your shawl. Girl, I don’t keep track and I just donated a whole bunch away that I would not use. Just so I could get some better yarn!

  3. I have a really hard time not buying more yarn. A new colourway that I fall in love with. A great deal that I can’t miss. A little pick me up, as needed. I joke with my husband who tells me we need new insulation on the house, that I’m helping by slowly adding an extra level of insulation in the form of shelves of yarn! Surely that has to help? :)))

  4. It seems that I don’t want to knit with my stash. But, I’m trying. That shawl came out lovely…glad you got the extra skein in the different color.

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