Monday Motivation

Today I am motivated to get a baby sweater done. Just need to sew up a few seams, add buttons, and block. It has a small lace pattern across the bodice, so I need to open it up a bit. The new little one arrived end of May, so this is overdue. I do hope it still fits. I used the smallest numbers, but my gauge is just slightly off at , so who knows. But, I think most sizing runs big in knit patterns for kids, so I am fingers crossed it works. Well, not really, how could I knit with my fingers crossed?

Giavanna's Sweater 1
Photo taken Sunday afternoon

Also motivating me is the Cable Shawl. I had to re-chart it in Excel to make sure I was following the individual charts right. I have the pattern on my phone, but that is too small, and I prefer a long chart with all the patterns together. That way I can scan across the entire row. Sucks having to redo it in Excel, especially since I do not have any cable symbols in my fonts. But I have a way to denote what cable it is, and I color code them, so a visual is all I need.

So, what’s your motivation for the day? Knitting, gardening, reading, swimming, napping? Now there’s a motivation for me!!


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Pretty colour!
    My motivation for the day: first is to complete some important work tasks. Then this evening I’m currently torn between seaming a charity knit blanket, or working on a quilt for my Mum. Maybe a little of each 🙂

  2. Looks great! I’ve never knit for babies before but I will, this fall as my sister in law is expecting. I’m also confused as to what size to make. And knitting with your fingers crossed, lol, too funny.

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