Wednesday WIP drought broken

Although I have been working on things, I haven’t been good about posting on Wednesdays. Breaking that drought today. I have been finishing a lot lately, so that gave me leave to cast on a few things. Already finished one thing cast on, more on that on a Friday. But one thing will be a long term project, so you might get tired of seeing it!

Cabled Shawl 2

Not sure why the center looks purple, the true color is what you see on the sides. I didn’t use a flash, so not sure where that is coming from. I am loving this project. And I better keep loving it! If I only do one skein, 147 yds a week, that will mean 12 more weeks of this. This piece measures 5.25″x20″ unblocked. Extrapolating out, that means I will only get 68.25″x20″ in size. I am hoping I will get a longer piece, so fierce blocking might have to happen.

I am sure I will be waning on the love after I keep doing the same cables over and over again. I am basically through one repeat of the center panel, three of the cable that reminds me of a lobster’s tail (obviously I am craving lobster), and 4 of the rope cables.

Good thing is, I am relying on my brain, and not the key, to know which cable to use. I have it all in a spread sheet that I taped together. Color coded cables and shading (purl sts) help me to know what I need to do.

Today I may take a break from the cables and get Sothia on the needles. Well, actually, I need to decide if I am doing this as a triangle or a crescent shape. I am leaning towards crescent, so I need to dig out my Cladonia pattern and follow the body shaping of it.

Now, head over to Tami’s to see what other projects are seeing some knitting time this week. I am sure you will be inspired!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP drought broken

  1. How pretty! That’s one thing I haven’t done yet is cables. They are in the future though. I posted pics of my new yarn and needles. Go set your eyes on the yarn! It’s made in Italy!! My first yarn from a foreign country!

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