Friday FO aFter the Fourth

Hope all had a great Fourth of July if you’re reading from the states. We did the picnic and fireworks thing. Nice thing is we party at a friend’s for the picnic and then come back home and go up to the club house for the fireworks. Our city does a water front fireworks show, but I hate fighting crowds and parking. And really, if you’ve seen one fireworks show, you’re pretty much set.

This week’s FO is a set. I made a new sweater for a new baby due this month. I’ve loved this sweater from the first time I saw it. And with a family baby on the way, it was a natural selection. Got to spread that love around.

Annabella's new sweater

I used Baby Cashmerino, even though the pattern is DK. The Sport just makes such a nice fabric. And I pretty much used up all the remainder in these colors. I was trying to make a hat to match and didn’t have enough green, so the thinker was used to come up with this head accessory.

Annabella's topper
This shot has the truest color

Topper off

The thought was to make different colored flowers to button on. I have only got one done so far. Who knows if I will make more. But they can take off the flower if it’s a nuisance. The ruffle is from a sweater pattern I have done numerous times. In fact, the big sis got that very sweater. I just left out the lace in the center of the ruffle for the flower.

This has winged it’s way to Ohio. Just waiting for the little Miss to make her appearance. It will be a big issue with big sis, who has no idea what’s coming. But she will be fine. With loving parents and her grandparents, my cousin and his wife, she will still have loads of attention.

Now, head out and give attention to the other FOs on this Friday the Fifth. You know where the locals hang out.


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