Wednesday’s WIPs and Friday’s FO

For this week’s WIPs I profer:

Cable Wrap 3
Boheme, 1/9th done, 11″ with blocking
Cladothia 1:3
Cladothia, 1/3rd done
Uindy Blanket
UIndy Blanket, 9/10th done

I have picked up the blanket knowing that the deadline is going to approach whether I knit on it or not. Not knitting it will not keep my girl from heading off to college in 6 weeks. “6 WEEKS!!!??” Eek! I am not ready. I just have to finish going around 2 corners and then all that joining commences. Still haven’t decided whether to do crochet join or Applied I-Cord. I know the Applied I-Cord will be tedious, but it would also be a neat detail. But then again, we are talking about a college freshman who is not going to sit around and appreciate the detail. It’s the bit of love from home that she will feel while using this. So, likely crochet join will be the choice.

Still loving “the” Boheme. I keep wanting to call it La Boehme! Maybe I should sing opera while knitting it? I can’t imagine Mimi wearing something so Celtic, so maybe this should take a different name, No? LOL. I also keep taking photos of it to see if I can catch any cable twists I miss. Sometimes I see it in a photo better than with my own eye. I have it wet blocking in the photo. It is wanting to block wider than longer, but I have constrained it to 22″ wide and manipulated the full repeat, plus 8 rows of Seed St, to 11″ deep. That means that the full repeat alone is about 10″. I have 7.5 more repeats out of the yarn I have left, so feel confident I can get it to full size. Yippee!

Cladothia is swimming along. It is the medium knit of the three. Easy St st knitting, but increases every 4th row keeps me thinking. Everyone loves the color combo, and here I was thinking it too dark. Hoping I can find something grey to wear under it. White is the other choice, but no way will I match the red.

Since I never got back to post on Tami’s FO Friday, I gave up after a bit, I want to repeat my last week’s FO today. I made this set for my cousin’s 2nd grand-baby, due any day now. She will have a bit of wait until she grows into this, it’s about 12 months I’d say. It’s Bernat’s Softee Top Down Sweater with a headband I threw together.

For annabella

I will have the instructions for how I made the headband available on Saturday. I just love the ruffled flower on the headband. And just adored making this sweater. A very easy and well written pattern. I did use sport weight in place of DK, my usual Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino fav!

Now, go see what else is on the needles of the knitting bloggers. I am sure you will find something you just have to cast on! I know I do.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s WIPs and Friday’s FO

  1. Beautiful projects as usual Chris. That’s a lucky baby, handknit and cashmere? Oh you are spoiling her! Hehe. Is the Boheme pattern available anywhere? I couldnt find it on Ravelry, but it looks like the kind of stole I’d like to knit (and wear!)

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I do have some bad news for you though. Your daughter will go off to college without her blanket if it isn’t done. You’ll feel better knowing she has it when you drive away and leave her that first time.

  3. I love the cables. The color is great. I know what you mean about not being able to stop your kids from growing up. Where does the time go.

  4. What a lot of gorgeous cables! The baby sweater is precious and destined to become a keepsake, I hope.

  5. I love your line-up of WIP’s, from the more involved cables to the stripe shawl and then the easy blanket. You have all the knitting bases covered! Wow, six weeks is not that far off! I am already seeing dorm room accessories and storage units at Target. Have you all started shopping yet? The blanket will look awesome in her room.

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