Saturday Inspiration

What a week. We have been struggling trying to find treatment to contain our Diva Girl’s migraines. She has been having an issue with them the last few years, but this past 6 months has seen quite a few episodes. This recent one started presenting itself with vomiting on Sunday evening. Headache pain was minimal. By Monday night she was having a bit of pain. By Tuesday morning she was better. By that afternoon she was vomiting again. By Wednesday morning she could hardly stand, pain and dizzy. By that afternoon we were finally at the Dr’s. They prescribed Imitrex. It offered some relief. Through all this she was missing work. Thursday was better. By Friday morning the meds had worn off, pain was back, this time radiating down her neck into her arm. All on the back right side. The Dr thinks the neck/arm pain was caused by the pain and stress, her body’s reaction to tension. A warm pack on the neck and Advil helped there, but even Imitrex was not fully kicking the headache. She has been able to eat a bit, but appetite is low. Poor thing. Hoping she is able to get to work tomorrow.

The Dr diagnosed it as a Basal Migraine. We never knew there was such a thing. Her Dad and I suffer from migraines, but until last month, I had never had a migraine on the back of my head. I had a very bad episode, after not having had a migraine for years. But I didn’t believe it to be a migraine, because it was in the back left portion of my head. Now I know. The info I have read has said they are located on both sides at the back, but I beg to differ on the claim of both sides. Mine was on the left back, DG’s is on the back right. Dizzy, nauseous, and tingling in extremities is normal. So, I am struggling to find inspiration here.

Then Friday we got word that a friend was in surgery for his burst appendix. That the Dr thinks burst almost a month ago!!! He has not felt well, even went home early from the July 4th party we were all at. We just ascribed it to working overtime trying to help his wife get her art studio reopened. The original studio was burned to the ground in a shopping center fire. He had been working so hard trying to meet the deadline for her July summer camps. Now we know it wasn’t just the work. So glad Hubster had been out to help him a few times. Just wish our friend had listened to his wife’s nagging about going to the Dr. The surgeon said the only thing saving his life was the location of the appendix. It was out of place. Kind of like it’s placement shielded the vital organs from the damage. Wow. So, inspiration there is that God didn’t need him yet. He has something to finish on earth. Funny thing is, the same anesthesiologist had one of their sons for his appendix last year. Our friend’s wife told him he isn’t getting her “3rd” boy next year! LOL.

In knitting the inspiration is trying very hard not to turn into drudgery. I am almost done with the blanket knitting, then it’s time to crochet together. And then edge with something. But as the yarn dwindles I realize it won’t be I-cord edging. I just won’t have enough and refuse to buy more. So it will survive with the slipped stitch edge of the garter stitch. Being this {} to the finish is the inspiration here.

I am still loving my La Boheme (aka Cable Shawl). But it is for times I can focus on it. I have been trying to read on my computer when I am knitting, and this isn’t for reading times. I am halfway through the third time of the chart repeat. Moving along. My inspiration for it is that I so want to wrap up in this come winter. In my head it is stunning!

On the other shawl, Cladothia, I am close to starting the border set up. It already measures about 19″ deep at the back without blocking, so I don’t need to go much further before adding the deep border. Inspiration there is “almost to border”.

I almost decided I needed additional “inspiration” Friday when I realized I was out of wound yarn for the Cladothia shawl. And, I ran out of the grey I was using on the blanket. So the dilemma was wind yarn for the shawl, or go into the living room to get the last skein of grey. Or go upstairs and dig out the yarn for the next baby sweater. LOL. I was, again, this {} to going upstairs!! Not because it was easier, but because I was ready for a different project! But, I didn’t. Yarn was wound, skein was retrieved, and knitting resumed. In fact, I think I knit close to 300 yards yesterday! That yardage total is back under 75,000 now!! That’s inspiration in and of itself!

Now, go be inspired in your world today. Do what you love!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Inspiration

  1. Oh no- so sorry to hear that DG has those terrible migraines. Have you felt like she suffers more in summer? My brother gets terrible ones himself and he definitely feels worse in the heat. Of course Indian summer is way more brutal than summer here in the States, but still the sun here can really burn. Maybe a cold compress on her forehead and back of the head?

  2. I hope they find something for your daughter’s migraines. I’ve never heard of Basal migraines. Mine have always been in the front. That kind of pain must be miserable. As crazy as this sounds I chew gum when I feel a migraine coming on once I have taken some medication. The chewing does something to relieve the pressure/stress before it can really take hold. It doesn’t work all the time but the times it does work make it worth a try.

  3. Poor dear. I get migraines too and can empathise. I try and keep a diary to understand (and minimise) the triggers. And of course try to make sure I get ahead of the pain, and am not chasing it. If that helps any. I hope your daughter is able to find a way to reduce the occurrences and effectively treat any attacks.

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