July Recap

How can it be August already! Where did July go.

OK, how did I do?

Yardage Knit Up: 2223 yards and 13 skeins
Yardage Bought: 1050 yards and 5 skeins

Difference of:
1173 more yards knit up than bought!!! Awesome.
8 more skeins used than bought.

Year To Date:
Yardage Knit Up: 12088 yards and 67 skeins
Yardage Bought: 12756 yards and 78 skeins

Difference of:
668 more yards bought than knit. Eek!
11 more skeins bought than knit. Double Eek!

Got a lot of knitting to do.

Now, the worst stat? FO’s for the month of July………3. Headband, Baby Sweater, and Blanket. But oh what a blanket.

July recap

Too bad I can’t claim all that blanket yardage, 2600+, in the month of July. But it was spread over 4 months. I will talk more about the blanket on FO Friday. A lot of the yardage I knit in July went into the two shawls I am making. That was 1200 between the two. And I still have 900+ to go on the cabled wrap. I need to get more small items on the needles!

I tried to start one of two vests I have planned on Wednesday. But the yarn, Berroco Comfort Solid, was just too heavy. So, what to do with 1050 yards of worsted? Well, half of that yardage will work on a Chalice Blanket. So I cast it on. Need it for a baby due in October. I was planning to do a sweater, but this is just as nice.

OK, plans for August?:

Finish Cladothia
Get 3 more skeins of Jo Sharp done on La Boheme
Finish Chalice Blanket
Cast on Autumn Blush with the Cascade Venezia in my stash

I think that will do it. Some of that will be used for travel knitting while we vacation in Florida. Last trip before school starts. Eek! There are only 2 weeks left of summer for one kid and 3 weeks for the other. Life is soon to change. Am I ready for it?


2 thoughts on “July Recap

  1. I think you’re doing really well. As long as you keep knitting and don’t quit all together you’re doing fine.
    The changes will be really hard at first, for everyone, but then it will be the new normal and you’ll love watching your daughter spread her wings:)

  2. Your speed as well as your skills are impressive. I’m so slow, I think I knit in a year what you knit in a month! I can’t even imagine working on a blanket in this heat. A lot of my WIPs are meandering dangerously into UFO territory, sadly. 😦 The blanket looks awesome, waiting for more pics!

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