It’s Done!!!! FO Friday here I am

The Blanket. It is done! College, bring it on, my girl has her blanket!

Caitlin's Blanket

And it’s almost big enough for my queen bed! It actually will be perfect for her Extra Large Twin. The finished piece is 72″x50″ and the twin measures 80″x39″. It took 2654 yards to complete. I had less than 10 yards of grey left and 136 yards of red. I am sure I can use up the remainder for a hat for someone this winter. I haven’t gone up to College Bound’s room to see if she’s using it yet. Her room is quite cold in the summer and she usually sleeps well covered up.

I started the knitting on this in April, it lagged through the months, but I finally knuckled down and got it done! I was hoping to ring the blanket in I-Cord, but not enough yarn remaining. No biggee, it is fine as is.

Now to continue collecting the things she needs to set up her dorm room. In a few weeks head north to drop her off.  And then bawl all the way home! Oh life transitions, how do we ever survive them.

Now, off you go, leave me here to mourn in silence. LOL. Tami and Wonder will keep you occupied today.


16 thoughts on “It’s Done!!!! FO Friday here I am

  1. YAY!!!!!! That’s a gorgeous blanket. Your daughter will cherish it. I’m sure every time she’s missing home she’ll wrap herself in it.

  2. Awesome. Knew you would do it. And you will make it through this transition. Your daughter will always treasure this.

  3. Big Hug to you…I have a Teen and do not look forward to the day he spreads his wings. I’m sure your full of pride and you get to hug her in every stitch of your lovely quilt.
    I am just sitting sipping my drink and taking a look-see at what everyone is up too.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie – The Handmade Homemaker

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations. It’s gorgeous. Your daughter is very lucky (for many more reasons than just the blanket – but hopefully it will remind her of that fact and of all the love she has waiting for her at home). A beautiful gift.

  5. Oh it’s fantastic – well done to you! And how special for your daughter to have something tangible to hold on to when she’s missing you… Take care x

  6. i know your daughter will cherish that blanket–and the colors and design are very cool. I have afghans that my mother made for me–and it’s now decades down the line.

  7. The blanket looks amazing! Congrats on finally getting it off the needles. I think that looong projects like this one are even more gratifying when that last stitch is bound off. CB is one lucky girl!

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