Monday Motivation

Monday, what a hated day. But, when you don’t work it really doesn’t have much meaning. Especially during the summer time. But in a few weeks, Monday will be feared and loathed. For I will be driving the Diva Girl to school each day. Her normal ride, College bound, will soon be College Girl. Since she will be 3+ hours away at College, ain’t no way she can get DG to school. It’s my turn at bat. I have 2 Mondays left. One to “enjoy” at home tomorrow* and one to enjoy in a car on the way home from Florida**.

So, today is for knitting while waiting for CB to undergo an endoscopy*. Still looking for what’s causing her stomach issues. (1) Since I will be stationary and not in a group of people I will work on La Boheme. Or maybe start something new? I am {} close to the 3rd FO in the last 10 days, so I need to add something to the rotation. I am thinking it will be Autumn Blush. I have 3 skeins of Venezia in a taupe. I just need to go upstairs and get the yarn out and wind it. I won’t need all 3 skeins, so I am dithering about whether or not to use it on this. It only calls for 400 yards. I have close to 700 yards of Venezia. Will I find a use for the other 300 yards? Ot should I use the plum Galway which I have 420 yards of? But, I was planning to make it a little bit wider, so I need extra. Will 20 yards give me enough extra? In looking I see a wide range of yardages on finished wraps. So, maybe I should go ahead with the Venezia? Or, pull out the orange Cascade 220? I have 540 yards of that. And it would look gorgeous in orange!!! Off to research this a lot more. I guess that will be my Motivation!

So, what is motivating you today?

** Don’t even think you will get my stash! I hire house sitters when I leave. I tell Hubster it’s for dog sitting, but really it’s to protect my stash. LOL
(1) Diet!!


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