WIP Wednesday, Medical update, and Diantha re-shoot

Hoping I remember to post this today. I am currently in a car headed south. The projects going along for the ride are La Boheme, still the same as last photo, and a new one. I had put LB aside to finish some things. And one of those things will appear this Friday!! And since I finished that thing and then finished a 2nd thing, appearing the following Friday, I had to cast on another thing. So, here’s the thing I cast on. Sunset Shawl by Joji.

SS 1I had been dithering between Sunset Shawl and Autumn Blush. Between the two I was wondering which would use up the Venezia Worsted I had in my stash. With close to 700 yards I didn’t want to use some and have leftovers that wouldn’t work for anything. AB only uses 400+ yards. In looking at SS I noticed a knitter had used almost as much yardage as I have on hand. So I will follow her mods and hopefully use up most all of my Venezia. A case where buying the yarn before knowing what to make finds you in a Catch 22.

I love the construction of this piece. I am not crazy about the garter stitch spine, but I can live with it. I could have just left it out, but decided to go along with it. Not sure I was successful in maneuvering the back neck, it’s a tricky start. Oh well, no one should be focusing on that area anyway.

OK, head over to Tami’s and see who else was able to start something new this week! Aren’t we the lucky ones? After 3 months of the same blanket, I was due a new start.

For those keeping up with CB, her endoscopy showed inflammation. The Dr took some biopsies to see if she could determine what might be causing it. She did put her on an acid reducer to see if that helps. I think she needs to cut out sodas and lemonade, but considering at least she drinks lemonade I will allow her that. And, she could eat more fresh fruits and veggies. The rest of us do very well with that, but CB just isn’t a veggie eater. In a few weeks it will be totally up to her since she will be eating at college. But, I will still nag her to eat veggies and fruit!

I recently grabbed my Diva Girl’s mannequin to take some shawl photos. I forgot that I never got a proper shot of Diantha. Isn’t she beautiful? I am using this for all my FOs from now on!

Diantha 1 Diantha 2

Can’t wait until cooler weather so I can wear this. I did wear it once before summer hit.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, Medical update, and Diantha re-shoot

  1. Diantha is gorgeous!
    I hope everything is OK for your daughter. She’ll probably have a hard time with eating first at college. My daughter lived on pizza and granola bars the first week and quickly learned that those don’t make a balanced diet.
    Your new shawl looks great! I love the color of the yarn.
    Have a great vacation.

  2. Glad to hear that it isn’t more serious for your daughter. Your shawl looks great. Those are awesome pictures. Your shawl is lovely.

  3. Wow, your Diantha is gorgeous but PLEASE stop wishing for cooler weather 🙂 I can completely relate to picking patterns to use up the available yardage. I think about half my stash is a hundred yards of this, that and the other!

  4. I feel CB’s pain! I too have had some problems with inflammation lately, and have had to eliminate some things from my diet, like fresh grapes (I think it is the natural yeasts on the skin), artificial sweeteners, soda in general, etc. It’s trial and error but difficult since the symptoms may not show up for a day or two after consumption. Hope she gets some relief.

    Summer is nice, but I too am eager for some cooler weather so I can break out the woolly handknits.

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