Home for WIP Wednesday

We returned home Monday night. The dogs were their usual ecstatic to see us, well to see Mom more than anyone. The bounced off the walls for a good 20 minutes. And followed me every where, making sure I didn’t slip out again. When I took Diva Girl to pick up her school books on Tuesday they were not happy. I am sure they feared I was gone again. They are now sleeping as close as they can get to me. Silly boys.

dogs at feet
Cooper to left iNDy to right

Anywho, on to the knit stuff. But first, thank you for all the wonderful comments on my latest FOs and the photo shoot of an old FO. I try not to preen for comments, but don’t it just make you feel loved when other knitters give you a boost? And that’s what your comments are. A boost. There isn’t a lot of recognition here for the knitting, the fam just doesn’t get it. So it is delightful to get that recognition.

Now, what you came for. Before leaving for our trip I grabbed a new project, Sunset Shawl. You caught a glimpse of the quick part of the knitting, the start at the neck. By the time we left for our trip I was through row 34 of 92. (I am following the mods another knitter used to increase the size and use up more yarn) By the time we left for home I was done with all the rows and on to the knit on border.

Through 2 repeats of the edging

I preferred the other cable version, but it is for the smaller size, so going with this cable. It’s growing on me. The other was just a simple rope cable. Built into the border is a short row wedge to create a curvature. So far I am enjoying the construction of this piece. BUT, and you just knew there had to be something, I don’t like the edge of the border. The first 4 sts are in ribbing. You can barely tell the lower edge is just not quite like the smooth St st of the lower portion of the border. I wish I had done one of two other finishes. #1: I could have just done a garter edge. I would have preferred that over the ribbing. #2: I could have done a picot a la Shadow Shawl.

I could just rip back and do either option. Who knows what I will do. Unfortunately today is for getting College Girl organized and ready for moving into her dorm. It’s getting closer!!!

While I do that why don’t you check out all the WIPs at Tami’s.


7 thoughts on “Home for WIP Wednesday

  1. Glad you got home safely. I’m partial to grey so love the shawl and like the cable. i understand what you mean about the edgings. They are always problematic and I’m just not a fan of ribbing. Good luck with College Bound.

  2. Our puppy welcomes me home from the grocery store like I’ve left her forever and she’s never going to see me again….and surprise we’re home. She’s not 2 yet, so it might calm down.

    I love this cable. Maybe you don’t when you’re seeing it so close, but it looks terrific in photos.

  3. Such sweet adorable dogs! Glad that you made it home safely. The shawl is looking lovely. The yarn really shows off the cables wonderfully. I just came back from back-to-school shopping at Target. It was a madhouse! Good luck getting everything organized for CB.

  4. I have a totally dedicated, one-woman dog, too; I’ve had to leave him lately with my daughter and her family…….and oh!!! The love on my returns…!!!! Sadly, we’re away (for the last time for awhile!) again……so I have that to look forward to. I love the way your shawl is looking….I do see what you are saying about the edging….think right at the moment you might just be too close to it? I think the cable border will be a beautiful focal edging on the FO and you won’t really notice the little ribbing—-it’ll just keep it from rolling?

  5. It’s going good! I love the look of cables and really need to try some. I’ve missed chatting with you. I’ll try to be on more now.

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