Saturday Inspiration

I think I have missed a few weeks on this. But it’s back with a vengeance! As I was running to pick up Diva Girl from school on Friday I was pondering. My latest FO, Cladothia, came to mind. And then it sparked a thought. I have another “mash-up” I was trying to do with Cladonia and Kleio on the needles. It has been relegated to hidden status so I wouldn’t have to face the fact I was stuck. I did the striping as in Cladothia and then was going to do the lace from Kleio. But, the Kleio lace has too much increase for the gentle increase of the shawl body. So I tried and tried, but ripped and ripped.

Lightning struck as I was driving. Why not take the current portion of the UFO and knit on a cable band a la Sunset Shawl? And then, pick up and continue striping beneath the cable and end with a picot!!!! Going to my Nimblestix page to update my thoughts there. I think I will use a soft cable, 6 st over 8 rows? Will have to see how well it works in the fingering yarn I am using.

So, that’s my inspiration today. Although that doesn’t mean I will get to that project. We are attending a company picnic at a local Camp. It has a zipline that drops into the water. I so want to try it. But I am afraid that would be unseemly for manager’s wife. Maybe I will take my swimsuit and if I see any other wives going for it, I am there! I will take a small knitting project, just in case the weather is nice and the living is easy. Right now the temps have me thrilled! So I say, bring it on. Windows open in the middle of August? Never can I remember that. Thank you Lord for such beautiful weather.

Florida beach
Home away from home

With such great weather here, it makes leaving there a little easier to swallow.

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