KAL Attempt


Yes, I know I suck at them. But this is a choose your own pattern and yarn kind of deal. And just what I need to spur me to use yarn and pattern I already have on hand. I am making Panel Jacket by Carol Lapin. Joining with Nice and Knit for this one. Casting on today with my Malabrigo that has aged in the stash for a few millennium.

I am hoping the colors do not pool too terribly. The jacket is made in panels, duh!, so I will be able to detect pooling early on with each piece I make. If I start to see a pool of color I will just add in another skein and alternate. With only 23 sts per panel it should take no time to determine any pooling. And an added bonus, with working each piece individually I am hoping to decrease any wear on the yarn and panels. Now, the picking up sts and 3 needle bind offs to join all the panels will be a pain, but worth it in the end to preserve the Malabrigo. Fingers crossed it works!

5 thoughts on “KAL Attempt

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