August Recap

Much better month. Not so much in yardage knit, but in yardage NOT bought!!! I didn’t buy one skein of yarn all month. Can you believe it? Not one! But then again, I was only in a yarn shop once the entire month. I missed all August knitting dates except the last one. I would hate to think that is the only reason I didn’t buy yarn. I can congratulate myself on not buying online. That might be the better resistance to temptation.

So the numbers show:

Yardage Knit in August – 1609 yards, 8 skeins.
Yardage NOT bought in august – 0 yards, 0 skeins!

That puts 1609 yards and 8 skeins to the positive. Which makes the YTD totals show:

Yardage Knit in 2013 – 13,665 yards, 75 skeins
Yardage Bought in 2013 – 12756 yards, 78 skeins.

This shows I am only 909 yards ahead in knitting up stash, but 3 skeins down in knitting up stash. I choose to focus on the positive side of the yardage. Considering that not all skeins are equal, it is the yardage that shows the true progress.

As a side calculation, I also have the numbers to show my progress against last year. At this point in the year last summer I had knit up 4908 yards and 21 skeins.

Those numbers reveal 2013 is much better. I have knit up 54 more skeins and 8757 more yards. Last summer I sucked at knitting. So glad I have been more motivated this year. Now, if I can just be motivated to NOT buy anymore yarn the remainder of the year.

I only finished 2 items this month, but the 3 WIPs I am working on were big pieces, so all in all I have made yardage progress, just not visible progress. Which is why I decided to start putting the major WIPs that were worked on each month in my collage photo of FO items. It reveals the true story about the state of my knitting.


Now to get back to those WIPs. Sunset Shawl, lower right hand, will get the most attention until I can get it done. I have a shawl MKAL coming up at the end of September. I need to get at least one shawl off the needles. Since Cable Shawl, upper right, will be a long term project I doubt it will be done too soon. Maybe Christmas at the rate I am going.

All in all I am pleased with the progress made in August. Now to keep the momentum going and get some more yardage out of my house! I do fear that getting a job will curtail the knitting, but since I haven’t been called from the initial resumes I sent out, who knows if that will happen. Now off to enjoy the rest of the Labor Day weekend!

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