Fridays are for Football

At least around here with the cheerleading daughter and her football playing beau. This is week 4 and looks to be a wet and chilly one. And then, again, a bunch of high school kids will end up at my house after the game until who knows what time. Oh well, better at my house than wondering where they are. Too bad it will be wet, makes for no knitting while watching. In past years I always took my knitting with me. The last two I haven’t bothered much. I bet Hubster will try to skip this week. He hates being wet and chilled. No fat on his body! I have enough to keep me warm, but not dry. May have to look for our race ponchos.

I have made a little bit of progress on the shawl that was almost ripped back to the start. Just a few motifs shy of halfway across the lower edge. Will this thing EVER get done? I don’t want to work on it because of the difficulty I have had with it. I tried to work on the sweater numerous times, but was out of yarn, and kept forgetting to wind another skein. And then when I went to find the yarn, I had another skein wound already! Where is my brain.

In health news, the cold lingered for 2 weeks!!! And I still have some drainage and sore throat issues at night. Where does all this snot come from!??? Seriously? Never ending supply. The last week has found me nesting like I was about to deliver. I think I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I still need a bit of a nap at some point in the day, although I don’t always get to take one. Just a cat nap to recharge my batteries. Just hoping the chill damp doesn’t counteract the advancement I have made.

So, hope all is well at your end. Hope my knitting mojo returns soon. I have so many things I want to start, frog, and finish! But will not allow for anymore starts until this shawl is done! I guess that’s all the incentive I need.


5 thoughts on “Fridays are for Football

  1. I hope you enjoy the game even if you do end up soaked. I agree on having the kids at home instead of out doing who knows what. My knitting neighbor is learning this lesson and her sons are 1 and 3:)
    I hope you find your knitting mojo. The best cure I know is looking at yarn and FOs or casting on something you really want. I look forward to seeing your shawl.

  2. You are a very loving mama to sit through a football game in the wet and chill while still nursing a cold. Continue to get lots of rest. Maybe an antihistamine will help with the sinus drainage. Hope that you get in some comfort knitting soon.

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