September Recap, which stinks!

Wow, I must have fallen down a rabbit hole, but there aren’t any interesting stories to tell, so maybe I was just asleep the month of September? What were the goals again?

  • Finish Sunset Shawl
  • Finish Malabrigo Sweater
  • Work 2 skeins on Cable Shawl
  • Frog Conversion Cardi
  • Be ready to start the MKAL Shawl

Let’s see, which of those were accomplished? NONE!!!!! I didn’t even frog Conversion, which would have been a very simple thing. I barely knit and sure did not finish Sunset Shawl. In fact I went BACKWARDS on it! Gah. At this point I am just past halfway on the border along the bottom edge. And I am sure it won’t be as big as I want. I am so disappointed with this project.

I have nothing to show for the month of September. But the bright side, I didn’t buy any yarn, so that is still a forward motion. I haven’t even bothered to refigure the numbers considering I ripped out almost all of Sunset and haven’t knit back up all the yarn I had knit previously on it. I feel such a failure.  At this point I have only been knitting on Wednesdays when my group gets together. Which only gives me 2 hours a week of knitting. Not much gets done in that short of a time span.

OK, confession time:

Yards knit up this month: 42 yards. That was added to the top down sweater I am doing. Well, I was until my knitting mojo left the scene.
Yards purchased this month: 0. Phew!
Difference of: -42 yards.

YTD knit yards: 13707
YTD purchased: 12756
YTD difference: -951

So, where to go from here? Can I find the mojo again? I finally got over the cold, still have a nagging cough some nights. Allergies are more of the issue now. Once the weather got nice I wanted the windows open non stop. But that does not work for the sinuses.

And it’s not even the cold keeping me from knitting. I am sure it is the train wreck that was Sunset Shawl. I should just chuck it and forget it with that yarn. The yarn is fuzzy from the wear of ripping. So demoralizing! I really can knit, really. Just not that pattern with that yarn. I have mis-crossed so many cables it is not funny! And last week my 2 hours of knitting were spent ripping and reknitting TWICE!

Now, on a serious note. We lost two members of our knitting group this past week. One we celebrated last week before she left town to move to the west coast to be near her daughters. She will be missed. She and I were the longest survivors of the original group. And the other member we lost to cancer. We knew she was not going to survive this latest bout, but didn’t realize it would be so soon. She was on a new regimen of care, but I guess the cancer was just stronger. So, TTFN to Kay and a sad goodbye to Linda. Hug your knit friends tight the next time you see them.


3 thoughts on “September Recap, which stinks!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your losses. It is hard to lose a friend.
    You have been sick. That is where your September went! As for the mojo, it’s still gone? Oh no. You must cast on something small and easy that you like. It will give you some positive knitting vibes and you’ll be able to go back to the other stuff,

  2. Sorry that you are still not feeling 100%. And about losing two good friends. Hugs coming your way.
    I agree with Karen. Maybe give the Sunset Shawl a break and start on a fun new project. I spent all day today, after working four twelve hour shifts in a row and anticipating a relaxing day of knitting, going backwards on one of my projects too. So frustrating!

  3. Between being sick and getting college girl off to college and settling the other into school, you have had a lot going on. You have good reason not to have gotten much done so you are NOT a failure. I’m in the same sickies boat with you sweetie. I’ve been sick since Thurs. last week thanks to my boss bringing a bug in the office. He’s still sick too, poor man! I’m sorry you lost your friend and that the other moved. HUGS to you sweetie!

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