The day is here….

….the day you have all been waiting for. Well, at least 6 of you judging from the last post. I feel like I should grab the sound track from “Hell Boy“* and play it under the blog. I have actually watched that movie and love it! But, anyhoo, this day will live in infamy. Or at least will capture the attention of those who read it for, well,….er, the length of time it takes them to read it?


AND I LOVE IT!!!! Even though I want to hate it.

Hell Shawl 2
The Shawl from Hell!!!

I want to hate it for all the issues I had with it. First I knew I had enough yarn. But once I got through the body and then worked 75% of the border I found I would NOT have enough yarn. Argh! Felt like chucking it since I was ripping back on the cable border too often due to messing it up.

Hell Shawl
Model by yours truly while trying to take a photo of my back in the mirror without knowing if I am even getting myself in the shot!**

Note to self, do not knit cables while in the company of funny fellow knitters. Too much distraction! But instead of chucking it I ripped back to the end of the body. And noticed while doing so a glaring mistake in the center garter stitch panel which runs down the back. Double Argh!! So I ripped out 1/3 of the body.

Pie shawls stacked
Citron in laceweight laying on top for measure 

Got back on track and continued to have issues working on the cable. New tip, do not try to work cables while watching the Cardinals lose ball games. Finally I finished it while watching football. Hmm, maybe football is the charm?

Pie shawls
Whew! So glad it grew a great deal. @60×26 blocked.

I have worn it three days in a row since weaving in the ends Wednesday morning. Multiple compliments. I love the weight, drape, and coziness it provides. The yarn is Cascade Venezia, scored at a discount from Atkinson’s Farm Yarns a few years ago. Some of my favorite yarns come from her shop.

Ella RaeTo celebrate this FO I bought some yarn at Sheepskeins in Newburgh. It’s our weekly knitting spot. College Girl is starting to feel the sting of winter in Indy, so I got some gray to go with her black jacket. I have never used Ella Rae, but have always admired it. I figure chunky will go quick for a cowl and headband. Will try to get on this set since she will be home for Thanksgiving at the end of the month. Miss her so much!

OK, back to the WIPs. I have put yardage into each of the three, so maybe I can work towards getting them done too. I would guess I will have the Fair Isle Tam done, and the cowl/headband set done, and maybe most of the cardigan by the end of November. But you know how it goes when I set goals. It doesn’t!!

Now head over to Tamis and Wonder to see what is up in thFE, FI(ber), FOs, FUMn, this Friday.

*Which isn’t the same as “Heel Boy” which was my first Bing search. TYPOS!!
** One shot was definitely not useable as the night light, showing in the bottom left corner of the photo above, looked like it was coming out my @ss. LOL!!


13 thoughts on “The day is here….

  1. I just looked at your last post, Wahoo as well as this one – you are quite a knitter! Beautiful work and that shawl looks great. Your Citron is so pretty too!

  2. It looks amazing!!! Dare I say…angelic even! Love the finished size after blocking. Looks very lovely worn simply around the shoulders. Sounds like the knitting mojo is coming back.

    **Would have loved to have seen that shot, LOL!

  3. Lovely…now should you change the name to Heavenly shawl perchance (I just noted as I was typing this that autumngeisha has been thinking on similar lines)! I’m so happy this shawl was worth all the effort you’ve put into it.

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