Pride taketh a fall

Me and my boastfulness. Not that I was trying to boast in anything with my post, I was trying to show my attempt to get back to being a kinder person. And then I went and blew it the same exact night I was writing the post. Lesson learned? Count to ten before picking up the phone, or, load up a shot gun with buckshot and shoot some sense into teenagers. These are times I really consider becoming a recluse or hermit! If I live through the teen years I will count it a victory. Even if I am dragging my sorry butt across the line. LOL!

And no, I am not talking about Diva Girl. She is the one that was targeted. Calgon, take me away!!! Sorry I had to come here to vent, but the others involved are on my social media, so venting there is a no no.

On a positive note, go see Thor, you will love it. Unless you are not into that kind of thing. Obviously I am since I went back for a second viewing.


2 thoughts on “Pride taketh a fall

  1. It is hard to be kind when someone is taking a pot shot at your child, I know that and I have butted in a time or two when needed to set someone straight. I am so sorry! I want to see Thor I love those movies! Let your GEEK FLAG FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris, I read your previous post and was very moved by it. Then I read this one and was even more impressed. It is not pride or boastfulness to try to be a kinder person, especially in the face of unkindness or whatever curve ball gets thrown at you. And sometimes you just gotta let it fly, especially when your kid is the target.
    If you liked Thor, you will love The Avengers. Both are excellently fun escapes from life’s stresses.

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