When you actually pick up your knitting and work with it, you get stuff done! College Girl asked for a cowl and headband to keep her warm at school. Cowl done, yarn for headband purchased today. Since I was waiting on the new yarn, I picked up the Limey Cardigan. Got through the body and now 1/3 of the way through the first sleeve.

Sorry for the small pic, I couldn’t get it to load a larger version.

This was before I finished the ribbing at the bottom and started the sleeve. I laid it over one of my favorite zip jackets. It’s something that I like the fit of, so I am trying to get a similar fit. So far, so good.

On FB I joined in a status post where you were given a number. I got 6, so here are the 6 things I posted about myself.

1) I once wore a bear costume for a mall Christmas promotion. Evidently I scare small children.
2) I love movies like Thor, Transformers, Iron Man, and hate romance movies. But, I love to read romances and can’t stand superhero comic books.
3) I am 6 years older than my husband.
4) I hate the hot months and love the cold ones.
5) I had an Emergency C-Section with College Girl and the umbilical cord was so long the Dr.s teased that they could jump rope with it.
6) I used to make the best biscuits at Hardees.

What would your 6 be? Post on your blog and let me know your list.


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