FO Friday again

Am I on a roll? Well maybe for a few more weeks. Sometimes you have nothing and then all those long terms or quickies pile up.

This week it is a quickie that really irked me to no end. I hated knitting this hat, but since it was a shop sample I couldn’t pick and choose. The pattern was just not right. The gauge made the hat huge! I should always run numbers to see how something is going to turn out. Especially in hats since they are easy to figure.

Love the colors, hate the hat.

indy in neon hat neon hat

Chin Chin was a reluctant victim. I think maybe a treat was offered, LOL.

The yarn was soft and springy, it’s Mondial Merino Special. Very bright colors in a bulky gauge. Cute for bulky kids knits.

Now, to get back to sleeve knitting. I ripped out all progress last night as I didn’t like doing the decreases from the armpit down. She has you work decreases from the armpit all the way to the wrist. I just found this to tighten the upper arm sooner than I wanted. So I worked out the decreases over the length, added length to it, and came out with a good plan. So 25 rows knit straight and now I am doing the decreases. Love the fact that trying on a top down allows you to determine if it’s working out. At least I didn’t get the entire sleeve done before finding out it was not working.

OK, time to check out what else has been done in the blog world. Follow me to Tami’s and Wonder’s to see what’s up.


8 thoughts on “FO Friday again

  1. Very cute! You know, we all have patterns that we make that we hate. I am there with something I’m working on so I am going to tear it all out and make something else. I have a hat that I make a lot of and it was a free pattern. It ranges from adult to baby. I’ll find it and email it to you.

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